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Shrooms, in pill form ?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by DaN Th3 WeeD, Aug 5, 2009.

  1. My friend can only get shrooms in powdered, pill or biscuit form. Are shrooms commonly bought in these forms ? Are they more potent, pure ?
  2. its more common as fungi, just straight up shrooms or chocolates. BUt someone told me they once had a psyclocibin (butchered the spelling) blotter, it was a big blotter, but i assume some extraction occurs to make the powder. im sure its possible, but it could be a RC as well.
  3. I wouldny say these are commonly bought form of shrooms but their out ther for sure. dont be fooled by the weight of the powder cus shrooms do powder down nicely when very dry, It wont look like much but it will probably be potent be careful
  4. What's a shroom biscuit? Sounds like something I might get with egg and sausage at Mickey D's. If that's the case, i'll be first in line.

  5. How much more potent, in general, would powder form be ? Would say 1 gram powder be 3 times more powerful than 1 gram dried ?
  6. I think powder is just ground up mushroom. Am I totally off on this conversation? If I am correct, then it will just come on faster, but an eighth will still be an eighth.
  7. No, 3 grams is always 3 grams. However, in one small capsule there could be 1 grams of shrooms, so it can be deceiving.
  8. One of my old dealers would sell 1 gram tablets of shrooms. I'm assuming they were just compressed shrooms, but I havent heard of pills before.
  9. Tablets? Now that is interesting.

    Pills are just ground up mushrooms that are put into a gel capsul.

  10. Oh wait my mistake. The shrooms are in tablet form. But I dnt trust it. Ill buy the powder or baked form.
  11. What do you mean by the baked form?
  12. First time I did shrooms, it was in chocolate. Made the trip a lot better because I didn't have to choke down actual fungi.

  13. My friend can get the shrooms baked into cookies for me.
  14. You cant really bake with shrooms

  15. that would be a myty... sorry i know it goes arround alot ?

    i have done them every way we could think of????
    picked them ourselves

    the whole heat thing? i just dont buy it? we cooked them boiled them and put them in the microwave?

    the most otiant shroom trip i ever had was affter boiling them down 3 times? that is same shrooms 3 times

    i know comon knowlage says heat fucks them up but expeereance tells me differant?

    i never had to buy them and we had plenty to expeerance
  16. Boiling water is 212. You bring water to a boil then take it off the heat and let it cool for a minute before throwing mushrooms in. Cookies bake around 350 which is about hot enough to destroy psilocybin.
  17. I just recently read that baking shrooms makes it lose a LOT of its potency. But Im guessing from your experience it still does work just as well ?
  18. never had a problem with the heat? been picking and eating them for 20 yrs?

    i do still have a problem spelling tho sorry bout that?

    we would acctualy boil them in the water till the water was almost gone...then and more water and boile it down again and repete one more time when we where done it was just a thick chunky purple mess we then put that in a 2litter bottol anf fill with water or juice or tea and drink? very potaint very good intence trips....

    also put on coffee cup and in micrwave many times for a quick trip...not as intence

    have made shroom omletes
    and brownees?
    just put them in the brownee mix and and baked...

    but the boil method was by far the most potiant!!!!!

    i have had them dryed as well that was ok? but nothing like boiling them down a few time

    i know that everything you read sayes heat distroys them but i just have to say i disagree?

    but dont try to boil dryed shrooms they have to be fresh for that!!!

    when they arre dry just break them in small enuff peices and swolow them like pills put it in your mouth and swoolow them down with a drink...i recomened tequila!!!!

  19. consitering they are much more potaint when boiled that baked ? perhaps the higher heat and bakeing time may reduce potiantcy? but it does work

    drying them alows you to get at the pyblin(spelling is my worst subject) a lot better then eatting them raw...got to eat a lot of raw shroom to get anything trust me alot!!!

    still no better trip then boiled down... btw if you fell sick to your stumuk...puke!!! trust me it wont hurt...

    the cupple times i did puke..it only intensifyed things!!!!

  20. ok, dont meen to come off as a dick?? but why do you end every sentence with a "?"?

    just wondering, but its sciene that heat kills the psylocin in the mushrooms wich is what makes you trip. Sure you can cook with them, but if you dont do it right, you either lose potency or just destro all the active chemical

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