shrooms in OJ

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  1. just grabbed some nice lookin shrooms for tnite and i was thinkin of how i wanted to eat them since i cant stand the look or taste. whatdya think of grinding them up in a glass of oj then just down the glass?
  2. i wouldnt take the time to grind them.. just break them up and swallow and wash down with the oj.. thats what i always to
  3. grind them into powder,

    squeeze a lime and lemon into a glass.

    add powder.


    watch out.

    the citric acid will kickstart the psylocibin.

    grapefruit is the best but pretty hard to eat/drink if one doesnt have the acquired taste.
  4. You can always cut them in to smaller pieces and throw it in some yogurt, on on a cheeseburger.

    I prefer to just chomp on them to keep things traditional, and keep them in my lip like a dip for a little while before I swallow it.

  5. can it get absorbed through the lip?

  6. yup. i just have a tough time with the taste. i might try the leon and lime juice thing. someone told me once vitamin c and citric acid kick it in harder and faster.

    which is good cuz im only dowin a half 8th
  7. Psilocybin and psilocin are water soluable, so yes.

    Well they weren't lying.
  8. Psilocybin/Psiolcin are absorbed through the mouth as well as the linings of the stomach. Chewing on your boomers for about 15 mins or so before swallowing will in theory make it kick in faster, but I have never met anyone that could stand the taste for that long.

    As for the best way to go about masking the flavor and gritty texture, slap them bitches in a PB&J and wash down each bite with a swig of ice cold milk. Nothing beats it! :ey:
  9. i just ground them up and swallowed. they seem to be kicking in faster then my buddy who just ate them normally
  10. Taking shroom with OJ makes you peaker a little quicker and longer.
  11. I fuckin knew it.

    I've been downing boomers with orange juice for ages and it always kicks in faster for me than anyone else.
  12. you can dip em in honey and eat em

    good vibes +++
  13. im so tripping balls right now. hahahhathe letters keep on moving... later guys!
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  14. and then i puked... i hate a huge greasy ass pizza for lunch. didnt help at all. im gonna comedown quick arent i?
  15. for anyone who care... nope... puked them fuckers up and im still goin... startin to get tired though
  16. I did that once... it was nassssttyy.

    I just eat em, they taste like sunflower seeds to me.

    They dont taste bad long as they are DRY.

    Anyways, while were on the subject.

    I'm about to 4 grams here in an hour or so..

    Spend a nice quite night at home.. Trippin balls : D:D

  17. hmmm should have considered that before asking:rolleyes:
  18. haha just ate an 1/8th

    The shrroom feeling is starting to warm me up:wave:

  19. Except that if you were to eat a cheeseburger, you would take longe to come up and the trip wouldn't be as intense. You really want an empty stomach when you do mushrooms.

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