Shrooms in my pot? Do I leave them or hack em?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by can-a-bliss, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. I just switched to CFL's and noticed that the soil doesn't dry out so quickly and spotted a bunch of shrooms. What I should I do?

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  2. Im sure there is some one on here that can tell u if those are the right musrooms or not. if they are then u are one lucky sob!
  3. Thats weird looking. Whats the humidity like in your grow?
  4. eat them!! :smoking:
  5. this.
  6. ^Well I have to concur, eating a possibly poisonous mushroom for the fuck of it seems like the best course of action
  7. Put your dick in them.
  8. Chances are they are poisonous. Dont eat them untill you can verify them.

    Where the fuck did you get soil with mushrooms in them ??? :confused:
  9. I don't know but I'm not so sure about eating them. I googled magic mushrooms and they do not look like the Psilocybin Mushrooms that make you hallucinate. Humidity is at 77% an temp is average at 81 degrees. I just changed from a 250 Watt HPS lamp to CFL's and I am guessing the reason for the shrooms is the wet soil that hasn't dried up as fast as it did when I had the HPS in there. It's also been really rainy lately and not much sun out. The only reason I haven't eaten them is because I fear they might be toxic!!! I might trying putting my dick in them and see what happens.
  10. You should no more eat those than you would eating any shrooms you happened to find in your yard or in the woods. Just because they are in your MJ pot doesn't make them edible. Get rid of them.
  11. This is the first sensible answer in the whole thread.

  12. I think you missed my answer.
  13. I think we have different idea's of sensible, but to each his own. ;)
  14. ^I certainly saw it, and I gave you -rep for it. Rude, unhelpful, childish -- everything we don't want on this Forum.
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    did you use mushroom compost for the soil. i get the same looking shroomage usually each grow at sometime, they are harmless, and i actually like em, they are breaking down nutes and releaseing them to the soil.

    oh and dont be a Darwin Award winner. Dont eat strange, that advice goes for a lot of things, but strange shrooms can KILL!
  16. Thanks Toasty for the straight forward info

  17. Ouch, i am both upset and shocked.

    Your dissaproval has rocked the foundations of my world.

    I guess next time ill remember that stoners dont enjoy any sort of levity, and are extremely serious people.
  18. Where did you get the compost? Cutting them down wont do a thing. The mycelium is spreading through the soil. This is a great thing. You should cut down on watering. The mycelium map is a very very porous, it will retain a amazing amount of water. Is there woodchips, organic matter(leaf mold, grass trimming), straw? If so how much? Where are you located at generally? Have they released thier spores? (is the cap bending up revealing the gills) After they spoiled, add another layer of compost. Dont use any chemical ferts. I cant guarantee this is mycorhizae, mainly because most mycorhizae dont fruit. But there are a few that do truffles, and few grasses species do. But I say keep them, care for them. My modo for my vegitable garden is feed the mycelium not the plants. RESPECT THE MYCELIUM. After this crop is down reuse the soil, and propagate the species. :hello::hello::D

    Keep'em Burning

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  19. Nothing special, just scotts premium potting soil + perlite. Located somewhere in the world.
  20. I dont think shrooms just grow anywhear, they would be under cow poo in a field after a good rain.. not in your soil. for some reason fungis jumped right into my head whe I seen the pic though. I would repott. (if possible)

    IDK what you should really do though, I am a nooooob

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