Shrooms in my backyard???!!!

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  1. I'm pretty sure I just picked two shrooms from my backyard. I've seen wild cubensis before and they look just like 'em (brown spot on the top fading out to the edges, small skirtlike veil, only thing that hasn't shown is their bruising color, so far no color change on a broken stem...). It's been raining like crazy here everyday so weather wise its perfect, but I thought cubensis prefers field with cow manure. Needless to say I tapped the shit out of them before picking, I want more :D

    So my question is, is this possible??! Sorry the pics are shitty quality I don't have anything but a cell camera.

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  2. yep u definetley picked mushrooms.
  3. The only thing is I brought them over to a buddies place who's more knowledgeable and he said that if we wet the gills under the cap they should turn blue/purple pretty quickly. However there was no color change when the stem was broke nor when the gills were wet. I really want to be sure because coming from my backyard as opposed to a cowfield its likely to be a different type of shroom.
  4. Don't eat them.
  5. I wouldn't eat them. Even if they are you really wanna take the chance?

    Throw them out now before you make the mistake of taking them.
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    You do realize there are countless species that aren't magic.

    Many in fact are poisonous. Hate to burst your bubble but they don't look like cubensis whatsoever. If they don't bleed blue/purple that's not a good sign. Also you said your backyard? What specifically was the grow medium? If grass. That's also not a good sign, though there are some that grow on grass more than likely it's just a random mushroom.

    Go to the shroomery and check out pictures and info. But, from the pics I've seen I can 95% tell you that by eating them you will just get sick (or die). But hey, you never know.

    Copelandia cambodginiensis
    Copelandia chlorocystis
    Copelandia cyanescens
    Gymnopilus luteofolius
    Gymnopilus luteoviridis
    Gymnopilus luteus
    Panaeolus cinctulus
    Panaeolus fimicola
    Psilocybe caerulescens (very rare)
    Psilocybe cubensis
    Psilocybe mammilata
    Psilocybe tampanensis (very rare)
  7. shittt might kill you:/
  8. Ask at the Shroomery
  9. I really don't think shrooms would be growing in your backyard like that. I would not suggest eating any either.

    If ever, by testing it more, you know wheter it is or not, tell us about it. If they turn out to be magic, then you are lucky!

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    Wow thanks for the responses guys. Don't worry I actually threw them away last night, I'm not going to eat them unless I'm 100% sure. Although everyone who knows anything and saw them said the caps looked just like cubensis. The area of my backyard where they came from was dirt not grass, I don't know if that means anything. I've been reading everything I can find from the shroomery and so far I can't find what kind of mushroom they could be, but I don't think they are cubensis because they don't bruise blue.

    Besides some call where I live the Cubensis capitol of the world, might as well just go muck around in some cowfields in the country :D

    edit: Holy shit I just looked in that spot in my backyard and another one already popped up, I definitely want to try and figure out what kind of mushroom this is. I took a couple more pics, I'll probably make an account on the shroomery n see what they think as well.

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  11. That ain't no magic mushroom.
  12. Could you please be a little more specific? (i.e. what about it doesn't look like a shroom)
  13. If it doesn't have blue/black spores or blue/purple rings when pressed or cut, then it MOST LIKELY does not contain psilocybin (the chemical that makes you trip).

    Plus, most magic mushroom caps fold down at the gills (bottom layers).
    Your caps are flat.

    Those appear to be regular dog poop/grass mushrooms.

    I would NOT eat them.
  14. If it doesn't bruise don't eat it, no matter how similar it looks.

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