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SHrooms in MIchigan (Michiganians!!)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by kindness, Sep 26, 2007.

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  1. As you guys should know I live in Michigan and was wondering for anybody else here in michigan if they can get shrroms easily?(not asking for hook up) I live in Holland and I cant get shit. The whole fucking city is hungry for shrooms but no one grows or sells them.ANd I have asked around every where!

    I mite be able to get shit in jenison but thats not for sure and its a long fucking way for me.

    For anybody that lives in michigan, can you guys get shrooms easily or is it just that the west coast sucks at phyc\'s.

    (not asking for hook ups)
  2. i\'ve never done shrooms and i probably wont. but ive been offered them a while. im about 30 minutes from detroit. i could get them if i wanted. but naww some places are dryer than others with certain things
  3. With an investment of about $200 you start a great and bountiful shroom farm. Look up the PF TEK on google or something.

  4. i live in southeast michigan and the only time i ever have problems with shrooms is around feb or so. usually 1/8th of great shrooms for 25$
  5. live in rochester my friends got this hook for shrooms all day everyday whatever you want 8ths or pounds can get bought a half 2 weeks ago tripped balls:smoke:
  6. i live about 20 mins south of detroit and i can get shrooms all day around this time
  7. I\'m just outside of Detroit and I\'ve always had a bit of a hard time finding shrooms. I might just end up growing them.
  8. Wow alot of people near detroit. I guess I just need to know the right people.

    When they were here in holland it was like $40 bucks an 8th. Im accualy growing shrooms right now, because it seems impossible to get them around here. I had 5 cakes but 4 were contaminated so im down to one, but im going to order another syringe and make some more cakes.
  9. I can get shrooms almost as easy as I can get weed, but thats only from luck with some peeps i met in school last year.

    A lot of michigans shrooms come from cali, well at least around here its like that, and from there its usually about $200/ounce, but if its grown here, I can usually find it for $125-$150 an ounce.

    if your whole towns lookin for it, maybe its time to grow and... \"give\" some out :p
  10. hey kindness,

    i\'m from holland too, although i recently moved to muskegon.

    a little while before i left i was looking for shrooms too. and i\'m still interested so when you get some grown let me know!
  11. i get them for $125 a oz, $350 a qp, $600 hp, $1000 a lb.

    rochester hills. i usually give out to friends for $25-30 a 8th depending on strain
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