Shrooms-how much?

Discussion in 'General' started by OneLove420, Jun 21, 2004.

  1. hey everyone...i am looking forward to trying shrooms sometime in the near future and was wondering what the normal price is for an 8th so i dont get ripped off.
  2. It really varies depending on where you live. If you live in an area where they are common and come around alot, expect to pay about $20 an eighth.

    If they're hard to get where you live, expect to pay more. $35 an eighth is pretty normal, and sometimes it can reach $40 an eighth, maybe even higher if they're extremely hard to come by.
  3. I pay 35 for an 8th but my ive payed up to 45 depending on the quality.
  4. PA i used to live (actually moving back) there. Pittsburgh area. Shrooms are pretty much standard at 35, sometimes 50 if they're really good.

    I've got them for 20-25 but that price doesn't come around to often.
  5. Around here it starts $10 a gram and price drops quickly when you buy large amounts. When I can get shrooms(rarely) I usually grab either 1/4, 1/2 or whole ounces and I've paid anywhere from 40-60 for a 1/4, 70-100 for a 1/2 and 120-180 for an ounce. It all depends who's selling them.

    Actually one time my weed dealer had some shrooms and he gave me a wicked deal. $50 for a half ounce. They were decent shrooms too, cant complain.
  6. guys you real no gangsta I get them from a business man like ma and I can sell the best shroom you ever got for $110 US just contact me
  7. I live in Canada (eh), and I pay 20-25 for an eighth, 35 for a quarter, 40-50 for a half, and generally 80-90 for an ounce of good shrooms.
  8. yea here in western PA (around pittsburgh) its pretty much 35 a cut although the only thing i can find now is 2.5 shroom chocolate bars for 25, not bad, never tried em but i heard their good, like no shroom shit taste.

  9. Have you tried shrooms yet or no? Either way just get the chocolates, I wouldnt mind trying those...actually I wouldnt mind getting any kind of shrooms right when you cant grab.
  10. Round here in Ireland i can just walk into a shop and buy 30 grams for £13.

    But i've never really got shrooms much, only once actually, i prefer Ecstacy, cheaper, easier to get hold of and lasts longer and a better effect than mushrooms.
  11. shit man thats expensive in america

    there's a loophole in the law in the UK, so you are allowed to buy and sell mushrooms if they are fresh.

    theres a shop where i live, sells them £10 for 30grams.

    fuken hell... $20+ for an 1/8... thats like 3.5 grams, how do you get any effect from an 1/8 of shrooms??

    i've never heard of anyone eating less than 10 grams for an effect..

    unless you mean dried. i get them fresh, so they weigh more.
  12. ^^^

    Yeah, we mean dried shrooms. They lose about 90% of their weight when they dry. So the 30 grams that you pay 10 pounds for is equal to us getting 3 grams for a little less than twenty dollars. Which is about right, depending on where ya live.

  13. nope, never done shrooms yet, i could get some but i'm gonna be buyin some phenethylamines in the near future so i need my money..
  14. i get em free cus me and the homies go shroomin in the area
  15. I pay 20 an eigth. But before I had a hook Id pay 25.
  16. I'll hopefully be getting them for free soon enough, well a few months, around september october time they start to grow and there's a field that will be full on them close to my house.

  17. Shogun, that must be some crazy ecstasy if it lasts longer. My shroom trips usually last around 6 to 8 hours depending on how good they are. First time i ever did them, I had a big chunk of chocolate with about an eighth of shrooms extracted into it. Tripped my nuts off. I'd go chocolate if you can get em.
  18. shrooms are $20 an 1/8th over here in WA state.
    They are usually cubensis (sp) or cyansesnse (sp)
  19. no way ecstacy lasts longer than a shroom trip....just not logical if you understand how MDMA acts and what it is...

    in Oregon in the willamette valley where i live they grow like weeds during the rainy season..if i don't feel like going out and picking a few pounds on my own i can easily buy an 8th of an ounce for 10 dollars...and no they aren't inexpensive because theyre poor quality.. i just happen to live in a region of the world where they grow like wild fire.... amanita muscarias too can be found throughout parks and whatnot

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