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Shrooms good or bad?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by lacrossestar, Jun 11, 2003.

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  1. well tomrrow my best friend and i want to do soem shrooms with him and then he wants to smoke some weed? I take 100mg of Zoloft and Zyretec 10 mg. Will shrooms effect that or anyhting and will it be worth it were just goign to do a lil cause its my first time.
  2. also any good sites on which to look up it on
  3. how many caps should i take?
  4. you can look up some info on for any drug nifo. not sure if it will effect your medicine, but if its your first time take 2 or 3 big caps and a few stems. would be easier tot ell you in dosage if i knew how much you and your friend are getting. dont eat anything for about 7 or 8 hours before taking them.
  5. dude man shrooms are soooo fun and they open your mind to a lot of things. you feel in such harmony with everything around u. i warn u however to take them in a comfortable, nonthreatning place. i took them everytime w/my two bestfriends at his house where we smoke a lot usually cuz his parents are cool about stuff like that. ive never had a bad trop but i hear they can be very scary so i guess, in the situation of a bad trip j/remind yourself its not real.
  6. Is Zoloft a MAOI? im not too well versed in medications... check out and lookaround there... real good message boards there. if Zoloft IS a MAOI ive read where that will cut the dose that you need to take in half (shrooms that is) because it enhances makes the trip stronger or soemthing. check into it first though.
  7. Shrooms are good, but you should be careful.
  8. morbydvisns

    well is says on the label not to drink if that helps at all
  9. i dont know the medications your on, but if they are anti-depressants... it could work either way. some kill the trip completely to the point that it will have no effect and some enhance the trip.

    check out shroomery and erowid like was mentioned... but allso try doing a search (see the button top right?) on grasscity for shrooms and trips or similar.

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