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shrooms.. getting ripped off?

Discussion in 'General' started by PorkSoda, Apr 5, 2006.

  1. hey ppl... i know this thread doesn't belong here but i dont think anyone really checks the general forum...

    anyway... i'll keep this short... found a hookup for some shrooms... i've done it a couple times before but never bought them myself... this guy says he will sell me some for 25 a gram or 70 for an 1/8th... seems expensive..
    am i getting ripped off?

  2. Yah man dont pay more than 35 for an 8th of shrooms and this could have went in general people do read general :D
  3. Yes. I live up north and I get good shroomies for 35 an eighth, and some call that steep. You live where its hot, it should be plentiful and inexpensive.
  4. yeah i havent purchased my self but from reading the other million posts about shrooms people have posted since sunday im pretty sure your getting ripped of
  5. YYYYYYYEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,bottom line he is a douche bag i got an 8th of good shrooms for almost half that price i think it was 25 but i knew the guy for a lifetime we were born at the same time in the hospital
  6. no one checks the general forum? it has 154,806 posts...second only to Recreational Use....what do you mean by "i dont think anyone really checks the general forum... "? :confused:

    this thread will be moved. please post threads in their correct forum. thank you.
  7. That's a lot more than I would get them for, but if that's the going rate around you, then that's not getting ripped off. Most people get them $25-30 an eighth. Have you considered growing your own? GC has some nice growboxes/kits.
  8. wow thats got to be the highest price i have EVER heard of, i get them for 25 an 1/8 i wouldnt pay more than 40....and thats only if im desperate.....dont buy form him or try to tell him thats bs and he doesnt deserve your buisness......=)
  9. alright thanks for the quick responses...

    and chill the fuck out about how i should have posted this in the general forum...
  10. i said PLEASE and THANK YOU....what do you mean about "chill the fuck out"? im sorry if i offended you...damn.
  11. People arent getting on your case...

    If you stop and look you could have found your answer easily... Search button....

    Either way post about other drugs dont belong in the recreational marijuana use forum people where just letting you know... there are tons of shroom threads that pop up in this part of the forum and clog it up all the time
  12. yeah dude youre getting ripped...dont spend more than $35 for 1/8
  13. The two times I've bought shrooms I got an ounce at a time. I got an ounce of some bomb shrooms for $80. That's less than $3 a gram...
  14. I've payed 35 per 1/8th of high quality lab grown shroomies, but $70? You may want to find someone else.
  15. In CO, my dealer offered me an 1/8th of boomers for $20. He deals dank, so they are probably decent mushrooms but definitely nothing special. $35 sounds good too :smoking:
  16. 35 the most I'd pay for shrooms, and a fair price per 8th IMO, 70 tho thats just stupid that anyone would even try to get soemone to pay that, hes going to rip you off with the weight aswell prolly with that price.
  17. I got 5 grams for 20 bucks so you are getting ripped off.
  18. dude i fuckin pay only 20 bucks an eigth
  19. ya man an eigth is ussalully 25 an eigth your getting ripped off hardcore
  20. :eek:

    I'm getting a half ounce for $60, splitting it with 3 friends. Either this weekend or next weekend is gonna be a lot of fun. I've never tripped before.

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