shrooms for the 1st time. with or without a smoke?

Discussion in 'General' started by fearthebug, Sep 5, 2007.

  1. having never tried mushrooms before, i've decided i'm ready for that journey. since it's the first time, should i smoke before/after eating the shrooms or just eat them and experience them for what they are? more or less for a spiritual look at who I really am.
  2. you GOTTA smoke on shrooms dude. it'll mellow your stomach and nerves and just makes the trip so much better. have fun on your first psychedelic journey :D
  3. Yeah, acid and shrooms without weed doesn't seem anywhere near as strong. That and it helps you not over think it gong into the trip (if you keep thinking about tripping sometimes you can make yourself not trip).

  4. +rep if it lets me. I would smoke a little bit, just to calm your nerves. It'll make the comeup smooth, and smoke on the way day. You'll have a great trip, and it will be smoother than a baby's ass.
  5. usually when i eat shrooms---

    I sit there until i start tripping asking myself "am i tripping yet?"--id say just chill out, give it a rest, n smoke a few bowls before you start trippin hard
  6. Definitely smoke a little. On my first trip, we smoked some like 15 minutes after swallowing the shrooms. It was an AMAAAZING night.
  7. You will have the urge to smoke massive ammounts, because it's so nice to smoke on shrooms. You can take the biggest rips without your throat hurting and exhaling smoke feels amazing!

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