shrooms first time, paranoid..

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  1. so first off, the only thing ive ever done is smoke weed, and im bout to try shrooms tommrow, i have an 1/8th, and everyone whos taken them said they are wicked good, i got a few caps and a few stems..

    i have no clue at all what to expect, im alittle nervous i might have like a bad trip..
    any insight would be helpful ..
  2. if your paranoid about having a bad trip, you probably will
  3. its all about a relaxed mind set. A chill place to hang out with some good friends and good tunes and some good bud. Its nothing to be scared of trust me. Enjoy the fun(gus)
  4. Go share you're 8th with a friend and hang out in the forest or something, trust me you WILL have a good trip. You're just so happy on shrooms you cant go wrong. I find bad trips come when you have way to much, and are overwhelmed. Half an eigth is intense, but not to intense for you're first time. Have fun.

  5. lol i disagree...a half 8th has never fucked me up at all...just a body high...if ur asking me...anything under an 8th is a watse of money...and yes i did do an 8th the first time i tripped
  6. Yea really, the mindset you go into the trip with, will be the basis for the trip.

    You should be excited to do them, if not your going to trip hard, and bad. I remember when I was chillin with friends, and they decided to take shrooms. I wasnt interested and was kind of hesitant to take them, I was mainly there to chill with the people. Sure enough, going into the trip with a bad mind set, I was thrown into 3 hours of pure hell and insanity.
  7. Its like alcohol. If you get drunk because your girl left you then you are going to be a depressed drunk. If you are getting drunk because you won some money or got laid then you will be a happy drunk. Same for shrooms. Whatever energy you bring into it will be amplified 10x.
  8. a good dose of shrooms make you feel weird as shit plain as simple, atleast for me

    anybody else like that?
  9. Exactly. First time I did shrooms I took 2.5gs of dank on an empty stomach...

    The so called "body high" felt like I was cold as fuck dying, and the whole time i felt like I was going crazy. Not the most social drug out there.
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    Well put. Don't stress trying it. Remember, people eat them cuz their fun.
    I wouldn't eat the whole 8, if your friends say they are really good.

    My first time I ate a half8. In the exact same position. I was very nervous but excited. haha I made such a big deal out of it in my mind. Eating them the first time, I was mentally preparing myself like the first time I took a shot of vodka. Silly me. Later, on shrooms, I can remember thinking "this is the funnest thing i've ever done!"


    and dont listen to haters (zepp)
  11. For me, every time I trip, I make sure I have at least an eighth. The only time I didn't was when I took 1.5 grams with a friend, and didnt trip.
    I would focus on having a good mood and setting while taking them. You dont honestly need a sitter if you are calm, and have a relaxed mind set. Just put on some music and chill.
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    focus on having fun. if you get caught in a negative thought loop, just start thinking of stuff that makes you happy.

    i tried them the first time 2 days ago, and i ate 2 grams by myself. i've tripped alone before (DXM, DPH, salvia too but not alone.. although i felt like i was alone during the trip) so i wasn't worried about needing a sitter. i saw light open eye visuals and heavy closed eye visuals (CEVs). i was also pretty nervous about having a bad trip, but once they hit me, i couldn't not STOP FUCKING LAUGHING. it was AMAZING. i'm picking up an ounce from a dude an hour away from me, and i'm gonna make sure my close friends get some and then save the rest for me. i'm taking atleast an eighth the next time, one because i want to trip harder, and second reason being that i just started taking lexapro and i heard it takes away from the trip.

    have fun!:hello:

    edit: make sure you read up on trip reports of shrooms. that'll give you a better idea of what you're getting into. it sure helped me.
  13. Just stop thinking about what could go wrong. Think about how this will be the best night of your life, and how excited you are to explore yourself. A lot of my friends are kind of assholes when it comes to psychedelics and say things like "OMFG man what if you like FREAK OUT!!!!" or tell random stories about random people they know whose brother's cousin's girlfriend's dad's roommate had a bad trip and jumped naked out his window. It sounds almost cocky, but if you just refuse to acknowledge the possibility of anything going wrong then i doubt anything will go wrong. When the bullshit tsunami starts up with my friends i just say "No, that's just not going to happen man" and hope that they shut the fuck up.
  14. Shrooms are the greatest thing of all time.

    You are going to have a good time.

    You are going to have a good time.

    You are not going to have a bad trip.

    You are going to have the greatest night of your life. I guaran-fucking-tee it.
  15. Dude, on that lexapro note, I took shrooms and didn't feel a damn thing while on them. Then a friend said anti-depressants have a negative effect. I went off of them and then tried mushies again and had an alright trip. Only took a half 1/8 so it was mostly a chill body high, but still really cool and surreal.
  16. i almost freaked when i tripped the first time. even so, its cool as shit. just try not to think too hard (because you will do it anyway) and everything will make little to no sense. have fun, and remember to enjoy it while it lasts because its just for a little bit. imagine the most stoned you've ever been times 10

  17. really? i think when i get them i'm gonna not take the lexapro for a few days before. just to make sure i trip good.

    oh and the insight you get from shrooms is damn near amazing. for once i actually felt content with my life. too bad that feeling wasn't permanent. back to being a sad depressed, socially anxious individual. but that's okay, i have noticed i've changed slightly since i took them, my mindset on life if anything was affected. they can really unlock some stuff about yourself.

    oh and another thing. bring YOUR OWN IPOD. i swear to god. and load it with all sorts of music. you never know what you're gonna wanna listen to while shrooming, but when you are tripping, you have to be listening to THE RIGHT music. and when you are, god damn is that music awesome.

    if you get a chance, watch milkdrop on winamp. you'll look at it like you never have before.

    sorry for the rambling.. i'm a little loked out right now :eek:
  18. Yeah, I quit for two weeks before, just to make sure, cos those chemicals take a bit to stop messing with your head.

    And on that music note, I was totally analyzing "You Enjoy Myself" by Phish while tripping and equated the movement of the song to sex. First there's the dabbling around foreplay, then you get down to it and things start getting intense, and then there's the explosion! Lol.. :laughing:

  19. hah awesome. life really is great on shrooms. it makes simple stuff like music almost orgasmic. a shower though - that's when my trip really got orgasmic. i truly new the meaning of psychedelic when i closed my eyes in the shower. fucking nuts
  20. Shrooms are the best. Just be careful with your thoughts...

    I was homophobic for 6 months during my senior year in high school... people thought i was weird... then i finally started coming back to my self. NOT a good experience. Lessoned learned, thought i still shroom.

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