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Shrooms, comeon smarties help out

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Buzzwell420, Aug 21, 2007.

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  1. so if you cook down shrooms like you would LSD/meth/hash
    what would it be called(is there even a name) and is it safe or would u be 2 friend and go crazy?
  2. wat do u mean by cook?

    cauz im pretty sure that heating shrooms destroys them
  3. lol damn son what are you trying to do make crack? Like stew said... I dont think it works like that.
  4. You can\'t \"cook down\" LSD or Shrooms. You can only do that with heroin, crack, coke, meth, etc. Heat destroys LSD, Psilocybin, Mescaline.. Any good hallucinogen is destroyed by heat.
  5. you mean make tea??

    that\'s only good if you have like 7-8 pounds of field shrooms.

    That\'s what I do. I got a few private fields around Cypress that always have magic.

    My crew and I go out and collect a few garbage bags full. I wash them, then I simmer them on low heat all while squishing the shrooms between two big spoons, pot full by pot full, using the same water. this makes a psilocin rich mixture. There is still a considerable amount of psilocybin but because of the low heat most of it has turned into psilocin. This facilitates a shorter, but much STRONGER trip. Comparable to 400+ mcg of acid. I had full on open eye visuals like my hairgel jar boiling over...

    I had close eyed visuals when I jumped in the tub, I felt like I was in the womb.

    Good stuff. Also we throw in a bunch of sugar and koolaid so it actually tastes good.
  6. what i meant is cayn u extract the psilocybin(sp??) like they do with salvia
    is tea the only way, I mean im just curios shrooms are awsome alone, i was just wondering.

    and acid is already made from a lab, i wouldnt need to make it anystronger.......

    i dont know what id do:hello:
  7. this isnt extracting anything really from the shrooms but if you grind up the shrooms and then soak the shrooms in lemon juice for like 15-30 mins. It makes the trip come on way faster, its way more intense and it ends a bit quicker. Its pretty cool though.

    You can also extract them into a liquid form with alcohol. I dont really know how to do it as I have not done this myself but if you check out there are a couple threads on it. It does not seem to hard. It would be pretty cool to have a vial of shroom juice.
  8. Ooooorr eat four grams of shrooms and have amazing visuals without wasting an ASSLOAD of shrooms like that. Eat what you need, dry out the rest, ziploc em and throw em in the crisper drawer. Using \"a couple garbage bags full\" of shrooms for some tea just sounds like a waste.
  9. not only that, but picking shrooms in a field is dangerous, especially because most people do it at night. and unless you have alot of experience in mycology, alot of psychoactive mushrooms and deadly mushrooms look alot alike.
  10. uu can make tea out of boomer im pretty sure. dont cook them down man. thats kind of a bead idea. just pop em down with some OJ and ur good to go...
  11. like XpiperX said, heat destroys hallucinogens. that\'s why you\'re supposed to dehydrate shrooms and store them in a cool dry place for extended periods of time or keep them in the fridge if you\'re making blue honey.

    why try and up the potency of shrooms anyways? they\'re dirt cheap to grow once you buy a few items. all you\'d need to do is up your dosage, but doing so only increases the chances of nausea and other unpleasant side effects anyways. purifying shrooms even if it\'s possible probably wouldn\'t get around the side effects issue.

    besides, you\'d miss out on all of the fun of chewing tasty fresh shrooms. yum yum

    if you REALLY want the most potent shrooms,

    grow them yourself and harvest them as soon as they start sprouting. letting them get big looks cool, but is bad for potentcy
    look into liberty caps which are supposed to be the most potent type, but have more side effects issues than the various psilocybe varieties that most people grow.
  12. curiosity, wonder if they could do to shrooms what they did with ergot or whatever....get what im saying

  13. unless you end up getting like 4 gallons of the most potent shrooms mixture ever.

    We froze the gallons solid and we defrost some when we need some.

    Guess what? Field shrooms aren\'t as potent as other shrooms. I know what I\'m looking for and my fields are owned by vacationers who rarely come out. Maybe once a week to fill the cattle feeders. My crew and I go there at high noon, we\'ve even had cops pass by and not even look our way, you just gotta look inoocent, act like you\'re tending to the herd.

    It lasts us about 3-4 months with us consuming some of the batch and also other people enjoying it as well...:devious:

    I make tea because I don\'t like tripping for 16 hours ok? Psilocin is much shorter lasting with the VERY heavy trip lasting maybe 5-7 hours. It\'s great stuff and I swear by it.

  14. Man if I could extract psilocybin like the way Albert Hoffman first did I would never eat shrooms again, ever. Basically extracting psilocybin requires extensive knowledge in chemistry and a large laboratory setup.
  15. leary got his start with psilocybin capsules provided to him by a laboratory. he sent shrooms in from mexico(i believe) and the lab figured out how to extract the active ingredients. i dont think you see it much, if at all, due to the fact that it requires a lab setup and a ton of shrooms to do..he switched to preaching LSD because it was wayy easier to produce and he felt the effects were re-creatable. if you\'ve got shrooms, just eat em dude. mushrooms are naturally psychedelic. ergot, ergot is strange..i once heard a story of an entire village tripping balls off a bad batch of ergot infected rye when it was distributed to the townsfolk.
  16. Eating four grams of good mushrooms, even if they\'re pretty potent, the trip will last no longer than 8 hours... I\'ve never heard of a shroom trip lasting longer than 12, and very rarely heard about it going into the double digits at all.

    But otherwise, I see your point.
  17. Yes you can <layer id=\"google-toolbar-hilite-10\" style=\"background-color: Cyan; color: black;\">extract</layer> it.
  18. the hydrolization of ergot isn\'t to make the acid more potent, it\'s to REMOVE the toxins that kill you.

    look up st vitus\' dance

    people who tripped on ergot ACCIDENTLY wound up dead. there was a really good special on PBS, about mummies i think, that delved into the whole issue for a bit a couple years back

    the professor that invented acid was trying to make the ergot fungus less toxic and use it to induce abortions in cattle, not create a potent drug.

  19. No, you can\'t perform any significant purification or distillation of psilocybin from mushrooms. But while you can\'t make psilocybin much stronger, it is a member of the tryptamine family of hallucinagenic and entheogenic drugs. There are many potent RCs (research chemicals) that are also tryptamines that can be found in certain small corners of the US\'s black market. Tryptamines have been a blast when I\'ve come across them in the past and they definately peel my third-eye wide open with serious force. I watched one friend exhale his hit and within 15 seconds annouce that, \"everything was heavy\" and then bolted out the door and down the street while peeling clothes off as he went. I strongly suggest you do your research before you delve into RCs can seriously fry your brain if you don\'t know what you\'re doing with them. Here\'s a list of tryptamines I have seen come through my area along with some basic info:
    DMT (dimethyltryptamine)
    AMT (alpha-methyltryptamine)

    I also suggest doing some reading in the \"Psychadelic Drugs\" area in the forums at

    Good luck and have fun.

  20. refined i see....

    so ya theres no way of having pure psylocibin,,,and like on a blotter or eye drop...that would be nuts
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