Shrooms choclates ( pic)

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    I bought like 8 total shroom chocolates from this guy i know. The shrooms seem to be grinded and into the bar, it taste awesome, like a nutty choc late bar, dont even taste any mushroom.They have 2 grams in each, first time i did them was a week ago. tripping is awsome. everything looked cartooony, my mind raced off on awsome thinking sprees. Its so clean, once it ends, im back to normal, so pure and calm i felt after doing them on the come down. I had a very strong euphoric feeling in my head, similar to exstacy when laying on couch listening to music. one lasted about 4-5 hrs. --- the first time i took it i was with my friend, hes about 55 and im about 24. i yukked and he almost puked also, tried to puke and felt nauseous, after we both basically puked we started tripping real hard. music would take control of my thoughts and when i close my eyes music controls what visuals i see. I remember seeing a dolphin all stretched out spasaming.

  2. They look pretty cool, but wtf you bought them like that? never heard of that before
  3. I've heard of shroom chocolates, they're not too uncommon.

    Glad you had a good trip. I've never yakked or wanted to yakk once the shrooms were in my belly. I always get a bit of stomach pain, but nothing a bowl doesn't cure :D
  4. Wish I could get those around here.

    If I wanted them Id have to make them and it seems like too much work,

    id rather just eat the fuckers haha.

    But baking it might make it more potent.

    Have fun buddy, take 2 :smoking:
  5. some girl grows them indoor and amkes them with the choclate. they're really potent
  6. Shroomy chocolate fudge was by far the BEST shrooms I have ever consumed. Enjoy!
  7. my friends had some mushroom honey once.

    I might shroom this weekend
  8. ive had shroom chocolates before, but i didnt get a damn thing off them?
    but then again,i did just trip off shrooms the night before,
    so maybe this could have had something to do with it?
    fuck it,

    shrooms are what its all aboutt!
    my prefered drug of choice:D
  9. Those look so tasty. I want to make some now.
  10. If you want to cure the nausea, take some Ginger.

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