Shrooms ... boooring!

Discussion in 'General' started by adamBC, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. Hahaha damn! yesterday around 2pm, a few of my buddies came by with a half ounce of shrooms. they asked if i wanted any, i hadnt eaten any since around halloween, so i figured id take some, i ate around... 2.5gs? not a ton, but enough to get the effects going.

    anyways, we walked to the park, chilled for a little bit, but ended up back at my house pretty quick (we forgot to bring the weed.) after that, i just could not get my buddies to go out and do anything. they just sat there. we ended up watching NCAA basketball for 3 hours, and then just random tv. not the best shroom trip.

    man it was annoying. i didnt care where we went, even just a walk around the block, it was sooo sunny out! Last thing i wanted to do was be high on mush and watch basketball, god damn.
  2. Next time you should eat more, and at night. That seems to be the best time for me. I like trippin out late at night, so I know most people are sleeping. I hear what your saying though, I was eating shrooms to much and they got boring for a while too.
  3. I love shrooms, I use to be in to them SO much, had atleast 10 ounces of wet and 2 ounces of dry on me at a time..

    but that was like a year aso
  4. if it was nice and sunny outside you shoulda just chilled outside and enjoyed yourself, thats what i do on schrooms.

    Tv is too opinionated for mushies..
  5. tv is horrible, on shrooms or not.

    stay far away from it, it makes me feel like the us gov is brainwashing me into a lifestyle everytime I turn it on :/
  6. adam, theres sometimes when I shroom that i literally cannot move at all. Like I was shrooming at a party and I wanted to get up and walk all around this HUGE ass house (someone bought out an abandoned school and made it into their house its huge as hell) but I just could not get up not matter how much I wanted to so I said fuck it and just thought about things, it wasnt the best of trips but maybe thats what happened with your friends
  7. lol you're making it sound like opium, they're fuckin mushrooms.

    I know what you mean, whenever i'm high I always want to do something.. I walk around the block can just seem like a wild adventure... That's why I always do drugs with my best friend.. We think alike and like to do the same sort of shit. Next time put some really good music on if they insist on just sitting there
  8. or even high!! I feel almost the same way, I cant stand being high or trippin balls on shrooms or even being inside. With the exception of posting on there forums when I'm high:D
  9. or even high!! I feel almost the same way, I cant stand being high or trippin balls on shrooms or even being inside let alone watching T.V. and I can't stand basketball theres no contact althought March Madness is'nt bad because it's the only time the players actually try. With the exception of posting on there forums when I'm high, I'm never inside when smoking/beinghigh/tripppin balls anything.
  10. If you didnt feel anything this time than eat more next time.Shrooms definitely arent boring.
  11. I don't think he means they're boring, just what he ended up doing on them was boring.

  12. +repdizzle for stating an ultimate truth!

    omg im like watching bush adress the nation, what a tard.

    edit: I must spread rep around before givin it to you again. sry
  13. ah dont get me wrong everyone, ive done shrooms 30+ times. its just been a little while, so i figured id down a bit. i felt em for sure, it was just lame that my buddies wouldnt go do anything with me.

    tv can be bad, but i just watch the good shit. futurama and that 70s show.
  14. that sucks your friends were being like that, i hate when people just shrug off what YOU wanna do in situations like that, dont even listen to your suggestion kind of thing

    oh well atleast you were still KIND of having a good time

    ...speaking of 70's, where the HELL is guy from the 70's
  15. for sure man. though it wasnt really them shrugging it off. it was more "lets go for a walk guys" "ok, where should we go" "hmmm" then something on tv catches my eye...

    20 minutes later...

    "lets go for a walk guys" "ok, where should we go" "hmmm" then something on tv catches my eye...

    haha, they just wouldnt get up, i really didnt care where we went, its just been so shitty out lately, and finally a nice sunny day, and i was high on shrooms!! i wanted out!!

    and yes, where the hell is guy from the 70's indeed.
  16. man... I still have yet to try Shrooms. My guy was suppose to have them last week and he never heard from his contact. This is the second time he as said he was getting some but didn't. Me and euphies were so totally ready to trip on them Friday. I took the day off and everything. But alas no shrooms.

    I just want to have at least one freaking trip in my lifetime. Sorry your trip was a bummeroo. :smoke:
  17. youll love it dbw! such a great time.

    take atleast 3 grams, youll be glad you did.

    in youre sig there, is that tank girl?

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