Shrooms: Are they Worth it.....

Discussion in 'General' started by Coma Stoned, Nov 11, 2003.

  1. My Friends Love Shrooms they always talk about them while watching some Trippy Movie.... I love my Mary Jane.... But they make Shrooms Sound So good... They seem Natural and i have read about them. They seem not to have that bad of side efect to worry about. I dont Beleive in Crank,Coke, or Herion or anything besides Mary Jane and i have never done anything else.... I am kinda thinking if i do do Shrooms Ill be proving theorist on Mary jane as a GateWay but i am not gonna do anything and this will be like a once 6 month thing... I just wanna experience it and Be able to think something differant during or afterwards.... Is it Worth It..... I am not looking for someone to say try it... I am looking for someone to tell me Do they feel like its worth it or not....
  2. While i've never done shrooms, i've known many many people who have..their outlook on it was either love it or hate all depends on the person. Some had horrible trips, speak horribly about shrooms, and will never do them again. Others say it open'd their mind up to the world around them and they finally understood life. So its all up to you..if you feel the need to take the chance go for it, I think it'd be fun imo, just havn't found a time and place to do them yet.

  3. No, it'll just prove that you're open-minded. That "Gateway" stuff is bullshit.
  4. i dont know where i stand on mushrooms... i did em ALOT last year, but since then ive been sort of wierded out by them...

    DEFINATELY try them. Your brain works hard for you keeping your body working and orderly everyday of your life, you owe it one night off ;)

    but yes, i would do some, atleast once. ive advised all my buds too and they all loved it. most never try it again, some do, but just having the one experience under your belt is great. plus you always have a cool story to share with friends.

    gateway drug?? what if you had never smoked pot in your life, but you were in this same situation. having never smoked weed, would you still be curious about shrooms. damn right you would be. weed just happened to come first.

    you might as well say learning to ride a bike, eating a grilled cheese sandwich, or playing catch with your dad is a gateway drug.

    its all things youve done before doing a particular drug. i dont think it has anything to do with "gateway"....
  5. dont do too much or you'll get all stabby. consult erowid first.
  6. Dude, shrooms are totally worth it. Ive done em like 10 times or so, and its an incredible trip every time. I genenrally increase the dose I take slowly, and Ive never had a "bad trip", I dont even see how you can with mushrooms. I have a smile on my face for like the whole time Im on them.

    If youre gonna be tryin for the first time, eat like 1-2 grams and youll soon be cruisin in the fast lane on a trip to great enjoyment. And theres like no side effects, im usually just a little tired the next day. Definetly worth it.
  7. Indeed.

    I've done them only once but I am planning on doing them again next time I can get my hands on them. Just get the right mind set - I do not advise anyone to do them when depressed or sad or upset. You know how pot can make you feel bad about a situation going bad? Shrooms make it one hundred times worse so you have to be prepared.

    They are so fun :D
  8. Yes, they are worth it, defitnley are!

    My first time i took them i couldn't believe i could actually buy a product like this that was legal in shops, i was loving it.

    Try them and report back here.

    I'll try and find my first time experience somewhere and post it up on here.
  9. I have eatin shrooms a few times, and have had great experiences with them everytime. I do think MOST people should have the opportunity to try them if they wish. I say most, because there are some people who should stay away from them. But if you make the decision yourself to try them, and aren't pressured into anything, they can be a great experience. It's all up to your body man...

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