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  1. ok so umm im picking up an 8th of shrooms and some x its 100% clean and i have some ??
    this is second time on shrooms should i take the whole 8th and then take x or should i just do it by itself..??:D
  2. how do you know the X is 100% clean?

    if it's a pill there's probably something else in it since MDMA can't be pressed by itself

    either way, if it's a good pill it doesn't really matter that much

    half a pill + shrooms, then the other half of it 45 minutes or so later
  3. lol haha you still taking rolls everyday?
  4. no only like twice a week now.
  5. E-tard. ha.
  6. last time i took shrooms when i was coming down i got sad, so will the e make sure i have a really good time and not a bad trip??:)

  7. u got sad coming down from shrooms? dude the comedown from shrooms is one of the best parts, enlightening part of the trip
  8. i don't know it just felt like the people who weren't tripping were all mad and i could read everyone's mind and know exactly what they think so it was kind of weird
  9. I'd say take the 1/8 and the pill at the same time. Also take more X later if necessary
  10. i dont wanna take too much x and also i dont to be coming down from x while peaking on mushies so i think like i should wait a hour to pop the pill :D
  11. I'd take the shrooms by themselves. I dont like anything interfering with my shroom trip except maybe weed.
  12. it should, but not if you're doing E twice a week, since your tolerance is already through the roof
  13. Fuck man some people are stupid with drugs. Take one and enjoy it. Mixing only ruins the effects. Waste of money if you ask me.
  14. i just want something that will help me not think about my problems and have fun:)

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