shrooms and six flags

Discussion in 'General' started by happy101, Aug 16, 2007.

  1. Well my friend and I just got nice quarter of shrooms so we decided to take a 1/8th each and have a adventure at six flags great adventure. Anybody have any experience with this just wanna make sure we'll be safe we have experience with shrooms we usually take them once a month and wanna try something different and we're pretty sure we have a good trip but i just wanna know what your thoughts about it are.
  2. As long as your in good conscious, youll obviously be fine. My only suggestion on the rides would be to start off small... don't go on the biggest ride first! Make sure you can handle the roller coasters, dont let any doubt overcome you.
  3. youll be fine, just take a low dose something easy to control
  4. o yea I forgot to add we both love rides and kingda ka will be crazy I hope we can handle going 128mph lol tripping around people the best just wear sunglasses if you get nervous like that
  5. My thoughts about it-

    I can understand smoking a nice joint, I could understand a cold beer.

    But shrooms at a family theme park ..... not cool.

    And I thought a trip was supposed to almost be a revalation- not some childish this is so much better/cooler while I'm tripping attitude.

    I really thought you were supposed to learn something about yourself and have inward moments.

    Just my opinion, do as you must.
  6. why?
    there's no way any one will know that their on mushrooms
    and even if they did, it's not like they're selling them, or giving them to little kids.

  7. Some people can handle trips, some people cannot.

    Whether he thinks he can or not is not the issue. It is not right to take a substance that COULD alter your state of mind to a point where you have limited control around FAMILIES who are trying to have a good time. Did you forget an important rule of tripping: No trip can ever be predicted.

    It's pretty selfish IMO to risk ruining a good day for people who pay $40 to enter the place just to try something different while tripping.

    Argue beer and marijuana do the same thing- but it is not on the same level. (Unless you are wasted, but the park already has rules against drunkeness)
  8. i would usually agree with you but he said he eats shrooms about once a month. in that case why not try something new. just to have some fun
  9. id say go for it and let us know hhow it turns out.
  10. If you do decide to do it, id keep it under 2.5 grams
  11. Just go for it. As long as its not your first time and you know how you react to them, anything is good on shrooms. I ate a firecracker at Hershey Park once and it was great :)
  12. Yea were doing it friday I'll tell you guys how it goes. We understand it family park and you have respect anyone goes there but we done them in parks,beach,woods,and just walk around I'm sure at one point there were families around but we try to control ourselves as best as possible to not cause any trouble thats the last thing we want. Yes, I can see point cheebaa shrooms can really open your mind but the deep thought can sometimes really brother me in a bad way if some of you guys know what I mean I tend to keep my mind away from that thought.But were just looking eat some magical mushrooms hallucinate at sixflags while enjoying some rides its all about experience and experimenting with new things live life you know.
  13. Eh, totally disagree.

    Six flags is a theme park, that doesn't mean it's some elementary schoolyard. Everyone is allowed to be there, families are there, yes, but so are hippies, gangsters, teenie boppers, etc. It's open to anyone who wants to enter. They're paying $40 to enjoy the day - well so is this dude and his friend!

    I've always wanted to go to a huge theme park on shrooms.

    Sounds fucking sweet.
  14. Well, we have the Exhibition once a year where I live, I went last week on ecstacy and it was the best trip I've had.

    The rides probably suck compared to sixflags but still.
  15. dude...

    for one thing, i don't see why you feel shrooms are so bad at a family theme park... nobodys gonna know they're on shrooms unless they take too much and freak out or something. with weed and booze, you're gonna have to be doing it out in front of everyone. way less appropriate.

    shit man.
    just because you want to look inward, learn something about yourself, learn about the universe, whatever, it doesn't mean that you gotta be dead serious about it all the time (sounds like a bum trip to me). you don't think there's anything to be learned while at a theme park? you're at your most childlike, allowed to drop obligations for a day and have a bunch of bright colorful fun. you are allowed to simply be. excepting the large crowds, it sounds like exactly the kind of place that i would like to trip and delve into self-discovery.
  16. I KNOW i coudln't handle six flags on shrooms, but it does sound fun. Crowds scare the pants off me when im trippin, i just like to live the intense thought and enjoy my music. You sound excited about it, so it should be hella good times. My ideal place to try shrooms would be a rainforest, or the beach.

    Time went suuuper slow for me on shrooms the other day (2nd time), so maybe six flags will just be extended fun.
  17. Wow today was a great day. Six flags was pretty much empty and we had the park to ourselves on kingda ka it felt so strange like we going so fast (cause we were duh i know ) but it was like something out of fast and furious where everything around you was a blurr and at the top was just a pause where i could see for miles just an amazing view from that high going down i was like shitting my pants cause i thought were going right into the ground or fall out. All the roller coasters were good expect for superman which was so scary going up cause your just hanging made us feel sick so we went and smoke a joint in the parking lot and we felt better. It felt like people were staring and eyeballing us but i did not mind it too much cause i knew that staring at some white boy with some gangster glasses lol.We ended the day watching fireworks which was simply amazing with all the colors. Also bugs bunny scared the $hit out of my friend he kinda of sneaked up on him i guess he couldn't handle seeing a giant rabbit so i was happy it wasn't me lol. All in all good experience but drinks and food at six flags can really kill your wallet and it must suck to work there

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