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  1. So I've found a new connect; he got ahold of some shrooms (homegrown) and cid (cid is VERY hard to come by in my neck of the woods) I've never done either so I have a few questions.

    I've read in some trip reports that while tripping on shrooms colors are distorted. Sky is pink, lake is orange, tree is blue, etc. Is this true or false? If false is cid more like what the reports described?

    I was clinically diagnosed with depression at the age of 6 and take 200mg of Zoloph a day. Will either cid or mushies mess around with my depression? (I'm assuming cid would probably mess around with it because it's made with chemicals.)

    If I'm buying shrooms, how much should I take to 'trip'? What's the cost of what I'll probably require? (I'm 6'2 220 pounds)

    Those are all the questions I have for right now, I'll post back if I think of anything else.


  2. all i can say is color is distorted, this girl i know just ate a mushroom and she said all the snow in the movie out cold was purple

    for your first trip if u wanna actually trip eat an eighth and that can be anywhere from 25-40 bucks
  3. Colours are indeed distorted while tripping on shrooms, I was tripping and had to take an elevator ride and the whole way up the floor was spinnging and breathing and changing happy bright funky colours very rapidly
  4. You will need 1-2 hits of acid, or 2-3.5 grams of mushrooms

    expect to spend like 20$ on the acid

    Both substances give you intense visuals
  5. IMO tripping would be a very bad idea if you are clinically depressed and on daily medication for the condition. psychedelics have been known in many cases to severely amplify existing mental conditions, and especially on mushrooms you could have a realization about yourself or the world that makes your trip go very very badly. That's just my .02 but I would advise you to either not trip at all or start with a very low dose and use extreme caution, and have a sitter present at ALL times.
  6. I would agree entirely... be extremely cautious.

    I've read experiences elsewhere though that a person who suffered from depression like yourself, had a trip on mushrooms and it changed his entire outlook on life.

    He immediately stopped taking his medication and hasn't looked back since. Completely cured him of his depression.

    Either way, be careful.
  7. dont take the acid man. refer to ^^

    but idk about the mushies, do 3 grams if anything. try not to trip too hard, take deep breaths, and drink water.
  8. If you are going to do shrooms take 1/8 for sure. Will probably be around 20-30 bucks. For acid take at least 2 but 3 would be really fun. Probably just 20 bucks. (And it doesn't feel like you're chewing dirt :))

    I personally liked acid much better though.
  9. I would start with less than that personally, half an eighth will still be a good trip and very fun for the first time, but alot more manageable. I tripped on half an eighth for my first time, and it was an amazingly positive experience that changed my outlook on many aspects of my life. However, even at that low dose I can definitely see how that trip could have been one of the most terrifying experiences of my life if things had gone differently. Especially given OP's history of depression I wouldn't do more than half eighth, again just my .02 though.
  10. Thanks for all the replies guys! I think I might just stick with my herb, I'm not sure what I'm going to do about my mushies though, I don't think I'll take acid. The mushies I will look into further. Thanks for all the insight on my depression aswell. Take care!

    ~Dope :smoking:

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