Shrooms and Anti-Depressents

Discussion in 'General' started by outaker, Dec 16, 2003.

  1. I hear if you take an anti-depressent before you eat shrooms, you're guaranteed to have a good trip.

    Comments? Suggestions?
  2. well i suppose that does make sense....
    yeah what do all u guys think?
    If u dont mind me askin..who did u hear that from?
  3. you know that would blah blah blah blah blah

    who am i kidding, i just want this question answered. Back to the first page with you!
  4. Thanks for the irrelevant post. :)
  5. well. zanax prob spelt wrong but thats a anti-depressent and its also known as a bar so i presume bars and shrooms pretty sweet mix only pills ive experemented with shrooms was dxm
  6. welp, i've never really worried about havin a bad trip because i wasnt happy, my only worry of a bad trip is FEAR.. haha cuz that'll make u trip out and get super frightened, and i think even super happy people can get scared, so it doesnt garuntee a good trip, but as long as u dont get in a freaked out mood u should be cool.

    edit: xanax isnt an anti-depressant... its a benzaprine (i think thats wat that class of drugs is called, its sumthin like that though)
  7. Seems logical to me. I'd be careful, though. Research what you're gonig to mix - so you don't endup in a pottentially fatal situation. Wow, ais can't typw anymore wtf? I"m note ven stoned. Thsi is odd. Whoah. Xanax should be fine, IE.

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