Shrooms and Alcohol

Discussion in 'General' started by Souljah420, Aug 9, 2007.

  1. Me and my buddy are tripping tomorrow night, and I was wondering if it was advisable to drink alcohol with them, or will that cause me to have a bad trip / less intense of an experience?

    If it's a go, should I drink beer, wine, or hard liquor with it? We were thinking about downing a couple screw drivers as we ate them, gotta get that OJ in there :p

    (And don't worry, we do have a sitter [it's both our first times], so in case we do have a bad trip or start acting like jackasses we'll have somebody to calm us on down).
  2. I wouldn't :\
  3. From what I hear it's either pointless because the shrooms completely destroy the drunkeness or it can fuck the trip up. (How I will admit I have never ascertained from the magical people who all seem to know this).

    Personally I never drink with shrooms (just because I want the experience to remain untouched).
  4. na too much vomiting... if anything smoke a quick bowl.
  5. Weed + shrooms = amazing
    Alcohol + shrooms = bleh.

    My personal opinion.
  6. Im not entirely sure, but when i was taking shrooms all my friends advised me not to drink oj because of the citrus? They said its bad but maybe not?

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