Shrooms After E

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by happy101, May 28, 2009.

  1. I was thinking about taking E one day then the next day taking some shrooms. Is there any tolerance cross? I would like to have a strong mushrooms trip but if I won't trip as hard the next day forget it
  2. Personally i'd do both at once! Ultimate uphoria from pills and awsome visuals from the shrooms can't be a bad mix!
  3. You could candy flip, which is both at the same time. I'm almost positive that you would be fine with tolerance though, so have fun.
  4. i would do the shrooms first...shrooms and lsd mimic serotonin while E releases all the serotnin u if ur not gonna do em both at the same time (candyflipping, which is waht i would do lol) i would suggest the shrooms first
  5. Dose the shrooms, wait untill you feel it start to kick in then do your e.

    Hippy flippin FTMFW
  6. Listen to everyone, happy101 , we all agree :) haha
  7. Hippyflipping FTW I wanted to take the shrooms after so I can mediate on life but there is that chance of the trip going bad with all that lost serotonin. Everyone saying take the shrooms with e made me realize that would make it a kick ass time :hello:
  8. Yea man, it's a crazy feeling. I heard LSD+Ecstacy is AWESOME, gotta try that

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