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Shrooms 2 days in a row

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Justweed, Aug 1, 2009.

  1. So my friends and I are all plannign to go down to a park in a few weeks to be doing shrooms and enjoying the great outdoors. We'll be driving there Friday, eating some shrooms around 3 or 4 on Friday, then Saturday around 6-7. Does anyone have any tips on what to do to have it so we don't have to double the dose, or so that doubling the dose is more effective? We're thinking B12 and vitamin C and we'll be mildly fine, plus a nights sleep.
  2. If, you want to double, or triple your dose, you can lemon tek. But be warned its powerfull.
    grind up shrooms and soak in lemon juice for 15 min then chug it.
    Trust me it works, but dont do more than 2-3g or else you will freak shit.
  3. Lemon tek works good, but other then that you will have to eat more the second day than the first because of tolerance issues
  4. I don't think it really matters as long as you eat enough to trip hard each time. A friend of mine tripped 3 days in a row one time and there weren't any issues.
  5. We're planning to do 2g the first day, and I s'pose with the lemon tek method think we'd be fine with 3g the second day? We're planning on taking some vitamin C supplements and some B12 supplements to help replenish ourselves, any other things we can do to help?
  6. Your first trip will be fine.

    The second one will feel like half the first night, and you might regret wasting them.

    They are always much weaker if you do em over and over.
  7. yea the second trip is gonna be weak, nothing like the first day
  8. I read that if you take double the dose the second day that you get the same effects.
  9. ya i didnt double my dose the second day and no trip. very mild, no hallucinations tho.

    same with my 2 friends. i say just do 1 huge combined trip the last day. smoke pot the first day and save shrooms for second
  10. mushies have a very high tolerance build up right after you do them so try to space it out. If not take a maoi inhibitor supposed to make it twice as effective
  11. What's a good maoi inhibitor? We're thinking Friday when we get there doing about 2g a person, then the second day I'm thinking 3.5-4g will be good as long as we do the lemon tek method.
  12. ehhh, I wouldn't fuck with that shit if I were you. I'd stick to the natural shit like shrooms and lemon juice.

    I wish I knew about this lemon tek method, Ive done shrooms once with my friends and we each took 1.2gs, tripped fairly hard but no real visuals tho.

    I wonder if lemon juice potentiates LSA or if it only works for shrooms?
  13. Dark chocolate is a good MAOI
  14. So eat the shrooms with chocolate the second day or what? Fuck me I'm allergic to dark chocolate.....any others?
  15. Dude just use the lemon tek like others have suggested. Your triple will be twice as strong.
  16. So if we did 2g the first day, would 3.5 in lemon tek be enough or would be need to lemon tek more then that?
  17. Most of the widely used MAOI's are completely natural, i.e. seeds.

    Anyway, about the lemon tek:
    Apparently, the acidity of the lemon juice converts the psilocybin into "active" psilocybin. So your stomach doesn't need to do that; you'll come up faster. I really don't see any purpose in doing this. Your trip WILL last shorter this way.
  18. ive heard if you try taking booms the day after already dosing, they wont affect you nearly as much because youll have had a tolerance from the last dosing? could be myth..

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