Shrooming alone?

Discussion in 'General' started by FearAndLoathing, Mar 4, 2004.

  1. Hey, Im gonna be eating some shrooms today. Its gonna be my first time tripping alone, every other time Ive done it, it has been as a group. The setting is gonna be at my house, nobody else home until later on. I plan on maybe watching a movie, or reading a book or something. But it really depends on where the shrooms will take me.

    Any advice/cool things to do on shrooms?
  2. i wouldn't be able to concentrate on a movie much less a book while shroomin. sounds fun though, you'll probably end up doing a lot of soul searching. i suggest takin em, puttin on some sunglasses, and go chill at a local park. or woods if ya got em and know em well.
  3. pick your ass. lol. nah just playin'. yeah that sunglasses on, headin' to the park idea sounds good. thats the shit i'd do. good luck with reading a book though, i can't do that shit sober much less trippin' out.
  4. One time I took a hit of acid while in bed, then I fell asleep, then I woke up tripping. I spent the whole night just listening to music and thinking. I had black lights on and shit like that too.
  5. tripping alone huh.... personally i think thats a bad idea.
    but whatever you like to do, go for it.
    definately play a game with trippy visuals. I'd talk on the phone with buddies, run around outside. Amusing yourself when trippin is easy.
  6. yeah, shroomin alone can lead to some bad stuff, cause if you start havin a bad trip and decide that its a good idea to kill yourself, theres no one around to try and talk you out of it.

    ive found that the best way to insure a good trip is to smoke at least 1 bowl like right after you eat your shrooms. and dont bother with tv/movies/books, thats some hard shit to deal with.
  7. great times bud!!! just dont take too much.

    ive had some AWESOME times alone on shrooms. I find watching the special features on dvds very entertaining hahah. I have 3 dvds that have a second disc of special features (Spiderman, The Mummy, and Star Wars II)

    anyways, they are just awesome hahaha. soo fun. go for it man, have a good night. come post shroomed up with us for a bit :D
  8. Well I've never shroomed alone, but was by myself in my room for awhile while I was peaking and this was around the 6th hour. Some freaky stuff that's for sure. I would never want to shroom alone, but hey it's different for everyone. Try painting or drawing something while shrooming.
  9. yeah, i wish i wouldve like painted something last time i shroomed. next time im gonna for sure! I can just imagine what it would be like, I'd probably just look at the paper, and try and draw/trace the shapes and colors im seeing on the blank white surface, lol.
  10. Well, I did them and it was pretty damn good. I ate 3 grams of pretty decent qualoty shrooms. At first I decided what taking a bath would be like on shrooms, that was pretty nuts. I was lying there in the tub with some loud music going and the walls tiles were moving around and shit. Its crazy how when you breathe in, you become less dense than the water and float up, then when you exhale you sink again. Then I watched Fear And Loathing in Las Vegas. Ive seen it before several times so it was easy to follow. Oh my god, it was fucking incredible. When it was over I just sat there and said WOW. It was that good. After that, I was feeling creative so I jammed on my brothers bass. I suck, but it was pretty fun. Then I just sat on the couch for awhile, watching and playing with my cat. The shrooms were starting to wear off at this time. Overall, it was a great day.
  11. My first time on shrooms I ate almost a quarter, and had to trip out by myself... good times
  12. "I saw you out there smoking your Drugs"- my bitchy neighbor


    Love that
  13. She said she "Caught me" but I have a medical card, and I was in my own yard with high fences and such. She spied me through the fence smoking bongloads, and came over and made a big scene about calling the cops... It was actually really funny cause I was way high.

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