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Discussion in 'General' started by phishnugs18, Jun 24, 2004.

  1. before you say use the search button i know...i have and have also checked out for all the info i think i need...i was just wondering you guys here in the community think it would be alright to trip at a phish concert for my first time; i know there are gonna be a ton of people since its at alpine and there is a good chance i'll be on the lawn but i love this music and think that it would be a very chill environment and wouldn't get me scared; also has anyone heard of goo balls w/ shrooms, some bud, peanut butter, and chocolate all rolled into a little treat and i was just wondering if that would be alright for a first time? i'm looking to have an amazing time but i don't want to be freaking out and having like a level 3 trip with open eye visuals, but just want to have a blast. also would you suggest trippin the first night or second cause i'm going to both?
  2. dotn waste your time eating bud unless its cooked or else it wont do a thing
  3. if your a generally positive person, without any fears of crowds or really social environments you should be fine. IMO its actually kinda hard to have a bad trip on shrooms, so I think your fine. as far as the goo balls, Id probly rather smoke the bud, but as long as its cooked right they could really fuck you up. just make sure the Mj is extracted into the fat.
  4. yeah in response about the bud being cooked idk what happens but one of my friends had one last year and he says it was the most amazing hopefully it'd be fun; im still gonna smoke some bud too even if i do take the good ball or just shrooms, but yeah i am a posative person and will have some friends there who will probably be tripping too; i can't wait for friday and saturday so happy yet so sad
  5. respect the shroom, it can flip your lid jus as bad as acid. make sure your mind is clear and you carry no personal burdens or vendettas. your spirits should be high and you should be happy before injestion. if youre in a bad mood or have personal issues that bother you even when sober, shroomin at a phish concert can become pretty damn intense.
  6. yeah i heard all about all the personal shit but lately nothing has been going wrong and my life has been great; i also have never had personal problems while sober or under the influence of anything so that's good i guess; the one thing i believe though is like when the day of the concert comes my mood is going to be SOOOO high and im gonna be so happy for this that nothign could make me sad unless someone died in my family which isn't supposed to happen anytime soon ha
  7. all that i mentioned above helps, but at a snap of a finger, you can get "the fear" have fun and enjoy the exp :D
  8. what day are you going? Friday or Saturday?
    I get tickets in section 202, for saturday, its going to be fucking awesome.

    If I had some shrooms for the show, I would most def. take them, but I have done them a few times before also.

    If I were you, I'd take 2 grams, I don't think 2 grams would be enough that you'd freak out really badly even if you did have a bad trip... but it could make the music seem even more amazing that it already will be :hippie:
  9. First off, IMO, eating weed sucks. Shrooms for your first time at a Phish concert, hmmm, I dunno. I'd say eat up to 2 grams tops. You may be fine with more, but a whole eigth would get you really fucked up and the music is gonna sound crazy(it will on 2 grams also), maybe crazy enough to bug you out too much your first time.
  10. wait wer u at phish on sunday?? kuz they wer in my town then... i had backstage passes kuz my buddies dad is one of their drumers
  11. I'd go wit everyone else. You should eat a couple of grams or a half eighth. That way you will still be able to keep things in perspective somewhat and not be too engulfed by the shrooms. Just gotta be careful, it doesn't matter if you are in a fantastic mood goin into it, your moods can change in an instant. We were trippin at my apt. one time with about 4 or 5 people. we all took an eighth of some really bump mushrooms. When we were all trippin our nuts off, it seemed like with every statement a person made, whether it was happy, thoughtful, or cynical, the mood and energy in the room changed. I'd say, the more naive about it the better you are. Its when you start thinking about it and whats its really doing where you can get bugged out. Also, in my experience, if you do have a "bad trip" you'll just be miserable most of the time, it won't be like you will bug out or anything and start saying crazy shit. Take the couple of grams and get a nice body trip going and you'll have a good time.
  12. Shrooms? Phish concert?


    Eat the mushrooms!
  13. i went to phish in indiana last night
    we didnt eat shrooms cuz we had to drive home to michigan that night but we found like a 1/2 8th nug of chronic bud sitting on the ground by where we parked
  14. yeah i went last night and was going expecting to find some i did..i got a chocolate which was pretty big actually that did the trick..ate it while walking down to the seats and i was fine for the whole show..felt it coming on towards the middle/end of the first problems at all; the show was fucking amazing except they had this one YEM vocal jam at the end of the first that fucked with my head a bit..well tonight will be even better and i can't wait

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