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Discussion in 'General' started by xer087, Mar 20, 2004.

  1. ive done shrooms a couple times but ive never had a crazy trip so i stopped... but now im on house arrest with ankle moniter and i decided to try my hand at a crazy trip again... can you guys tell me if there is a good chance i might go crazy and leave my house cause i don wanna get locked up for trippin
  2. you wont go crazy, you wont be out of control. it should be cool.

    have fun man!
  3. haha could this be fellow bleezy bro?

    you should be pretty fine. just dont take insane amounts. take like a half 8th and it should be coo
  4. Should be no prob. man I luv shrumes have fun but try to have something to do it will help keep your mind tripin
  5. how much do you plan to chomp?
  6. i'd be carefull though, every time i get right messed i HAVE to go for a walk ... and end up walking around the block 30 plus times, ... but none the less i leave the house ... take under 8 grams and you should be fine enough to control walking around ... try piling large furniture infront of the doors if you are really worried though, that way the worst that will happen will be that you think you are a tibetin monk and climb the shit
  7. lol tibertan monks thats funny
  8. its better to trip with friends but i dont see the harm in trippin out if your bored... just remember not to leave, that could end up pretty bad
  9. You should be fine. Whenever I do shrooms, I can totally control what Im doing. But you do get sudden urges to do stuff, like go walking around, which you can still control but I find its funnest to follow those urges. Just get some movies and watch em on shrooms, thats always fun if you cant get out of the house.

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