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shroomin activities

Discussion in 'General' started by xer087, Mar 26, 2004.

  1. ive found that while shroomin i don get a full level of trippiness unless i am jus stareing at something... if i do something that takes movement like playin video games or watchin tv or walkin aroud it lowers the trip... is this jus me or do you guys expirience the same?
  2. I always trip on shrooms, I cant watch a video game or play one. The tv would like morph into a rabbit and eat me!
  3. You probably arent taking enough. What are you dosing?

  4. wow I want some of your shrooms!
  5. The last time me and some friends sat in a shed tripping and smoking hash all night and then we decided to go outside, we went out and were half way down the road and decided it was far too cold to stay out so we went back indoors and about 15-30 minutes later we decided we were going to beat the cold and go out and face it so we went outside again and walked and walked till we found a good spot to have a few joints and the cold dosen't exist after that. Shrooms can do some wierd things to your mind.
  6. Shrooms do kick ass. In fact I think ill be takling some more tonight. Since I did em about 2 weeks ago we are gonna ll take like 2.5. Cant wait.

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