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Shroomies ;)))) Yum

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by wunschshrek, Sep 25, 2007.

  1. Well, Just got some shrooms so I am pretty happy, first shot is 5 grams i just weighed out, which I will be eating in roughly 5 hours because I just ate a meal and now I gotta wait =(


    And here is a picture of the full pickup.

  2. Good stuff, how much for the whole pickup? :)
  3. Dope man, i just had a shit load of those bad boys but now my connect can no longer get them. Oh well luckily i have some blue honey stored away. Have fun!
  4. Dude I WISH I could get that shit around here, give us a trip report when you can.

  5. 50 bucks for an ounce dried.

    Haha nice, I did that a few times with the honey leaving them in there, it worked pretty damn nicely.

    I'll post one in this thread tonight after i am done ;) I am hoping to be near peak for the sun-rise ;)
  6. Good price man...when I was picking up ounces of shrooms they were 150 a piece.
  7. I am good friends with the grower, only reason I have known him for a long while. He charges most of the people around the price you said.
  8. 5g's'll be a hell of a trip, anyway. Good luck.
  9. I just got some libertys yesterday, pretty fucking good
    got 7 grams dry for $20, but they aren't as hard to find in florida as they are in the heights

    I once found some in my backyard! those were the days

    damn I miss ny, I never tripped shrooms in the city b4
  10. interesting... im from bmore those look EXACTLY like what i get that comes down from ny... from cali or something....
  11. Man those are beautiful.

    Great pickup and I hope you have a great trip.
  12. Shrooms are wonderful. The season is about to end here, and I haven't looked for any :[.
  13. Fuck man there has been a shroom shortage around here. Well what actually occurred was My inlaws had some for my wife's bday, and when we made it up there we asked for the shrooms. THEY ATE THEM ALL:mad: That sucks. Maybe we'll find some next time we go up north.

    Anyways wunschshrek, you never fail to impress me with your dank or shrooms. Nice pickup and don't eat them all at once.
  14. well I am chomping them down now. Very nutty taste, but not to bad, def. not the worst tasting ones i have had before.

    Hoping for not much nauseousness from it, but I have cannabis on hand ;) I ate them earlier then I am planning, but I might re-shroom before the sunrise because my goal was to be peaking at sun-rise, but i couldn't wait to eat them any longer.

    One day I will see a shroom sunrise, just doesn't look like today is the day =(

    I'll be back with a trip report later, maybe some mid trip thoughts!

  15. I love shrooms :) They're easy to grow too, and there's lots of money in them. They cost virtually nothing to grow, both in time & money, and you can easily get $20-$25 for a good 8th of them. If they're fresh you may even be able to get more.

    I used to buy a pound every couple weeks for $900, and walk away with over $2,500 after they were sold. I never gave "bulk" discounts, because I don't grow them, I just know people who do and I make it work for me :) They sell fast too, usually a pound is gone within a week or two of people finding out I have them.
  16. Just now starting to kick in, getting that real anxious and giddy feeling, smiling for no reason.

    Breaking up some bud for a bubbler to welcome the shroomage.

  17. Do you know what kind they are?
  18. He said "golden mex", I googled around couldn't find much on it.
  19. I haven't heard of those either.

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