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Shroomies and OJ / Milk?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by streetFarmacist, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. So is it true that when you go to mushroomland and you drink some orange juice, it intensifies or makes the trip better? And milk calms a bad trip?
    I figured if it was true it had to do with acids and bases.

    Me and my friends were trying it out. and it seemed to work but it could have been all in our trippin minds.

    It was funny though because we were at my friends house and we went upstairs and hes sitting at the kitchen table with a tall glass of milk, ''damn mushrooms''
  2. Shit I didn't mean to post this here, I went to look for a better section smoked a bowj came back and hit post
  3. I ACTUALLY heard once that OJ kills the trip, but then again my memory is shot. Done both acid and shrooms and drank OJ during both the times... and i tell you that OJ was magical hahahah :smoking: dunno about making a better trip or not it was just a drink
  4. powder and soak them in lemon juice for about 20 min and that shit will be much MUCH more powerful. i don't know about the milk thing, but I have found that it did reduce the trip slightly, even if it was psychological
  5. try shrooms with cranberry juice, THAT will intensify your trip. be careful though
  6. i thought it was just vitamin c that intensifies colors. I generally take a few vitamin c tablets the day before and day of a trip and generally trip pretty hard off of pretty low doses, but maybe im just more sensitive to mushrooms.
  7. Like the guy above me said, I believe vitamin C is a cofactor which binds the psilocybin and allows more of it to be delivered to your nervous system. As for the milk, milk's always good for calming the stomach, especially when it's warm. Just don't drink the milk until at least 30 minutes after eating the shrooms and drinking the OJ; if you do, you might get indigestion. :p
  8. Ok... ok.. no more "i heard" crap people.

    OJ is good to drink before your trip, along with other essential vitamins. It's good to have a full load on your vits before tripping. Milk is a generic anti-poison remedy, not entirely sure how it works, but it is certainly used in that way.

    Remember that there is no real way (I hope you have some thorazine in that bag) to come all the way down or "calm" your trip. Your thought process, your surroundings and the music/noise you hear can greatly affect your trip. There is no magic cure!

    Be in a safe, familiar place, dress warmly and if you're inexperienced, have a sober buddy around to keep you inside your skull. Happy trails!
  9. I don't know about milk, OJ is high in vitamin C and i've heard its good for doing Extacy, but I do knowa grilled chese sandwhich on shrooms taste like fele minion
  10. the acidity in the OJ breaks down psylocibin faster.
  11. he is right
  12. all i know is the first time i did shrooms i did 2 grams with OJ and had a crazy trip
    my second time i did 3 grams without OJ and the trip wasnt as strong
    idk if it was the fact that it was the first time, the OJ, or the shrooms that made me trip harder the first time
    but i have heard from many people that OJ increases your trip.
    so would eating an Orange do the same?
  13. orange juice, or any strong vitamin c acidic product, will increase your trip. it also works with many other drugs - cocaine, heroin, even marijuana. just do not drink tooo much of it as it is very hard on your stomach lining, and i have known people who drink too much orange juice while tripping and ruin their lining (or cause severe alcers)

    milk if anything may slow the absorbing of psylocibin as it lines your stomach lining and perhaps protects it from such chemicals. it certainly doesn't stop the trip, it simply makes it last longer or simply not as potent.
  14. hahahaah wanan make ur shroom trip more intense go ur local Lcbo or wereevrer u get ur booze and stock up and start drinkin OJ ....MILK lmao i understand the vits BUT COME ON ur FLYING HIGH ...put a sour ass candy like a warhead in ur mouth tell me how ur trip hits u like SERIOUSLY LOL .....smoke some bud and drink u can drink like a fish AND when u come off the zoomz ur drunk :) win win situation

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