Shroomies 101

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  1. whats up Blades, I need the 411 on the magic shrooms. Like Drying them and shrooms teas, just every possible thing I could learn about shrooms, post it here.

    thanks in advance

    Andy B(quitc heifin it:bongin: )

    Much better.
  3. shroomery bro
  4. My bad, I totally forgot about shroomery.
    Yeah, you should check out there before erowid.
  5. shroomies 101: eat and enjoy :cool:
  6. Shroomery is a good source, as well as erowid. Check out the thread in my sig, should answer most of the basics:smoke:
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    there used to be some great info on , dont know if its still up or not, theres some where else i used to go, let me google around and ill link some stuff,

    edit: wow.... the shroom wizard died this year, :( that makes me really sad, he was only a state away from me and i used to use his mushroom hunting guides and shit when i was like 15-20.

    i hope his guides lie on t the shroomery, they are top notch, he had the best info and over 30 years experience growing the things. that sucks he was the mushroom travel agent for gods sakes.

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