shroomes or 2-ce

Discussion in 'General' started by addict, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. i am going up north on a sorta camping trip and i want to trip but i dont know if i should get 2-ce or shroomes what do you think
  2. shrooms. 2c-e is more of a party drug because it doesn't fuck with your head nearly as much as shrooms, and the shrooms will make you feel super connected to nature (also, make a fire and have live music, you will shit yourself)
  3. lol thanks man i was leaning tward shrooms any way but wasent sure
  4. also, take some postintherightforum

  5. ahahahahahahahah

  6. this is the right forum.........its a general question so it can go in the general section........what do you think this should go in pandoras box? cause pandoras box is NOT the other drug section....
  7. :confused:

  8. yea i agree i have seen a lot of threads like this in GENERAL i mean i thought just about anything could go in here

  9. uh...nothing....its not....end of story

  10. actually, i consider this a controversial issue.

    whether or not "addict" should pick mush or 2c SHOULD be carried out in debate-style arguement, via timed, pointed standard, rebuttals, and reposts.

    being that this is the general section, and i don't find this to be a general question i support that it does not belong in this forum, and that the OP should take such information accordingly.


  11. okay well it's here in general anyways, why not offer some input

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