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  1. I just decided that I wanted to start growing shrooms and have been researching it for awhile now. I just ordered a syrnge then after I ordered I was going through more grow websites when i came on this:

    I hope that doesnt mean that since I bought the exact same thing online I get into trouble. I am not to worried and dont think I need to be, what do you guys think? Oh yeah and I was thinking of using the rice cake method but am having some trouble with some stuff,

    1) In the first process where the mycelium forms in the jars, are the lid supposed to be on tight so no air can get in or out? And in fruiting I have deducted that they need to be on but just covering the opening so as to allow airflow but not contaminants?

    2) From start to finish how long do these things take?

    3) I dont have a pressure cooker, is there anything else I can do to stelize/ cook the rice?

    4) I am thinking of using styrofoam coolers to store the jars in and as the fruting process starts I will cut out a window in the top and replace it with Saran wrap so my flouresant desk lamp get light into there.

    I hope some of you guys know about mushrooms.
  2. Im not too sure about the others, but for #3, the sterilizing/cooking the rice part, just get a really big pot. Then fill up the pot with water and being it to a boil on the stove. Then you add in the bag of rice(it was one of those burlop sacks when I did this) and submerge it totally in the water. Make sure you have just the right amount of water so that it covers the whole bag, but doesnt overflow when you put the rice in. Then hold it down with something(I used a brick lying on top of the cover to weigh it down. Takes a few hour to cook and let it cool down.

    Hope that helps, maybe someone else can answer the other questions.

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