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Shroomed Out

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by XxJWxX, Jul 20, 2002.

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  1. What up people. I\'m pretty messed up right now. Just thought i\'d drop by and say hi. Shit, forgot what I was gonna say....ehhhh......Any of you done shrooms? What was it like? What kinda shit did you see? I saw the news guy in the tv come out like three feet, it was like that imax type of shit. I saw shit bending everywhere, and i saw a lot of colors. Pretty cool. Also, I was trying to listen to the radio, but certain stations would scare the shit outta me.
  2. kickass.... im gettin shrooms one of these days...
  3. I had a bad bad trip this morning :(. I took 2 grams and was trippin like woah! It started out pretty nice, visuals, music, shit like that. Then the visuals became uncontrollable, and I started to think that the cars on the streets were driving off the roads trying to hit me. I went home and actually CRIED which is something I haven\'t done in like three years. After that I started having too many thoughts to the point where I couldn\'t even control them. They just kept coming and coming and coming, I felt my heart beating in the top of my head and I started thinking I was dying. When I began coming down the bad trip didn\'t seem like such a bad thing anymore. While I was on the shrooms I said shit like \"Fuck It! I\'m only smoking weed for now on! No more of this type of trippy shit\" now I feel like I wanna do more..Pretty sketchy.
  4. i wonder if theres any possible way to prevent the occasional bad trip
  5. bad trips are usaully triggered by your emotion state mayeb your depressed or sad or angry i have had a few bad trips when i was fighting with my girlfriend and did shrooms
  6. Man, I wish i could do some shrooms, their really rare around here and if i would have known my stepdad grew them in our fuckin house i would have kicked in the door and stole them all, and ate them. but i am stoned right now and thats good!
  7. Take your shrooms to toco bell get a cheep toco put the shrooms in and good times await!!
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