Shroomed it for first time

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by K4LImist, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. So yesturday was a GREAT day for me. During the day my friend randomly asked hey u need shrooms. Ive been looking for shrooms for a long time and it was only 25 bucks for an 1/8th so i was like maybe. Then at work i had a $100 delivery (pizza delivery) and got 30 bucks tip. So then im like ok im getting the fucking shrooms. Picked them up after work, they were called California Gold. Got home and ate about 3/4th of them.

    Holy shit at first i was just randomly giggling at shit, reading erowid reports actually right when i was coming up, the text on my screen was starts to change sizes and shit. At that point im just like fuck yea. Turned my lights off and just got lost. I walk out on to my balcony and see "people" coming out of every single tree/plant reaching towards me. I can see how people could easily have bad trips because some of the faces looking like they were screaming, which bothered me, but i just looked away and told myself to forget about it and it was all good. Another thing that was really a mind fuck was that i coudlnt decide if i wanted to each the rest of teh shrooms or not, it was killing me i just coudlnt decide. Instead i said ok ill just put the rest away and smoke a bowl. So crazy mind fuck cause i also had some Brainwrek which is apparently 100% sativa. So when that kicked in i was just fucking gone. I was starring into my carpet for over 30 minutes just admiring how every single thread in my carpet looked like a person. I would close my eyes and see patterns after patterns spinning and morphing in every which way. I would see giant people in meditative form in the background spinning. Then i was cold and tried to put on a sweatshirt, but i couldn't get the sweatshirt on, which caused me to laugh uncontrollably for what seemed like forever. The more i realized how i literally couldnt get the sweatshirt on i would just laugh harder. So the night went on, involved me just walking about my room basically now knowing what the FUCK is going on. I decided i wanted to just go to sleep. Everything after that is just a blur.

    Shrooms are the fucking shit. :p:p:p
  2. getting a half ounce tomorrow for my first time as well.
    hope things go as well as they did for you haha.
  3. Sounds like a fun time. Reminds me of my first shroom trip. I was staring at a bed for like 20 minutes watching as the ripples would wiggle around. Great time.
  4. glad you had a great first time and you got really lucky with the 30 dollar tip :)
    hope my first time tripping on shrooms is as good as your first time.

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