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  1. 1 - what _are_ shroombars?

    2 - should i try them?

    3 - i heard it's very easy to get ripped off with this true?

    any help would be greatly appreciated seeing as how i'm thinking about getting a half of it.

    see...what i'm thinking is an eighth (1/8 oz) of bars could be an eighth of chocolate with no shrooms...or like..a cap and the rest chocolate...or a straight eighth of shrooms. i's all so confusing. i wish i could just find regular ol' shrooms. <sigh>
  2. You can find regular old psilocybe cubensis shrooms.

    This is the site:


    Go and get some shrooms or a kit(which is even better as for the same quantity of ready to eat shrooms you get it in 1/3 of the price that you would pay if you bought them prepared.

    Also :


    and really many others but I take my kit from allsalvia or grwomagicmushrooms and it's great!!!

    Street price for mushies is just too expensive!!!
  3. cool, thanks man. i have a friend who might be growing some magic here pretty soon...along with 4 or 5 plants of!
  4. do u mean chocolates? thats what we call em where i live. ive never heard of shroom bars.. down here we get like a square chocolate wrapped in foil and u eat it.. it has msuhrooms in it (obviously) but yeah never mind i dont know what the hell im doing.
  5. i got rippeda off of mine, they were a waste

    maks sure you are buying fromm a trsuted source

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