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Discussion in 'General' started by iamfloyd, May 18, 2004.

  1. So, on Saturday I ate one shroom chocolate. The chocolate was about one inch in diameter, and it tasted pretty crappy. I didn't really feel anything after the first 30 minutes, and I kept waiting for something to happen. I never really saw anything crazy like I expected to see, but I did notice some differences in things. I was very appreciative of everything, like nature. Colors looked brighter, and walls did appear to "breathe" or "vibe", but nothing crazy. I smoked a good amount of bud while I was tripping, but nothing really intense happened. I was sort of disappointed that my trip wasn't as intense as I thought it should have been. Should I take more next time, or is this how all shroom trips are? I want some crazy visuals.

  2. First of all, do you know how many grams were in the chocolate?

    I'd get an eighth next time and eat the whole thing at once. You'll trip very nicely for prolly 3-4 hours. I took about 2-2.5 grams last week and the trip wasn't worth it. The visuals weren't very intense, but they were interesting. My philosophy on shrooms is: if I pay $30 for an eighth of shrooms, after eating it and the trip is done I better feel like I just watched a very good movie that was worth $30.... ya smell me?
  3. ^^^ You pay $30 for an 1/8 of shrooms?? Poor guy...
    I'd say next time eat an eighth, and you will have a more intense experience.
  4. be careful though, you never know how potent some of the shrooms may be so take your time. I ate about 2 grams of very potent shrooms and tripped hard for damn near 9 hrs
  5. Also eat them on an empty stomache except for eating an orange or drinking some oj before hand

  6. 9 hours from 2 g's of shrooms? I'm no mycologist, but I doubt there's any hallucinogenic shrooms out there potent enough to make you trip 9 hours from 2 grams.

  7. how much are they for you? 30 an 8th is normal aroudn here...but thats why im growing them(in a week or two, already have everything:D)
  8. Depending on what time of the year it is, and how much are left, the price can go from $35 to $45 up here
  9. wow guys thats shitty... good ole oregon 10$ 1/8th's :) 15-20 if you dont got the hook up... but the hardest i ever fried was like the 5'th time i did them i ate 1.8 grams, and i usually eat 3.5 (8th) at a time... holy shit mad visuals... everything i saw was in a cartoon figure!
  10. Sometimes it seems less is more. One of my friends used to sell shrooms. I'd buy an 1/8th every other week. The last time I did em which was about 8 months ago I only ate half of the 8th one day and half the next day. I tripped like crazy both times, probably the best shroom trip I've ever had. I wouldn't assume they were laced cause I figure my friend would have told me (although the 1st day I nearly blacked out and one of my friends absolutely freaked as soon as she went outside). Potentcy can really vary, I've seen people trip like crazy off 1.5g

  11. omfg, u have a good point there sir.

    Be sure to take your time.

    :X n :S

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