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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Sails, Dec 31, 2005.

  1. On Wednesday I went back to my old town and met up with the old friends. After talking about whats new and whats been happening my friend and I go to the dealers house to pick up an 1/8.

    So, we pick it up and it looks nice, as always, and we use all of it to roll up joints. We get about 6 joints out of it, three for each. We each spark up our own in the car to get the night started. I havn't smoked in a while so I'm groovin' on nothin', just crusing around. We pull into Starbucks and I get a Vanilla Frappicuno, and we plan out our night.

    Out of all the options we had, we decided on shrooms. Since I've only done them once, I was extremely excited. It took us forever to find someone who had a 1/4, but we prevailed and picked up.

    We stop at Shoprite and pick up a 24 of Bud, and munchie food and accessories. Head back to my friends place. There is no feeling like getting your atmosphere ready for shrooms. You start getting blankets, tissues, paper towels, pillows, chairs, music, and all that jazz ready. My friend puts on his "Stoner Playlist"(Allman Brothers, Steppenwolf) Then we eat the shrooms, and smoke our second J's.

    After about 45 minutes, things start getting pretty sweet. As some of you know its so difficult to describe a shroom trip, expecially this one. Colors started getting brighter and brighter, I started squinting and things bending and turning. Even though I was seated perfectly normal in my Heiman chair, I kept feeling like I was going to fall off. It looked like the dimmed lights were getting darker and darker but they stayed the same light.

    I started hearing someone talking, but it was really really light, and they were talking about nonsence.

    "Keep (mumble mumble static) Alive" It was pretty creepy, but cool. Sound was all distorted, and so was light. The room felt like it was expanding and expanding, then shrinking. My friend and I sat in our chairs for countless hours until it started to wear off. Getting up was an EFFORT oh man, it's such a drag to move on the come down of shrooms. Nothing bad happened, no one had a bad trip, no panic attacks, cold sweats, nothing. I could not have asked for a better trip ever.

    Then I went to the bathroom. I have never peed better in my entire life. It felt SO good. We smoke our second J's, break out the Budweiser, relax, and think about our trip.

    If I had to rate that night, definately A+. I am a changed person because of that wednesday. I love life haha.

    P.S.-If you decide to do shrooms, have at least two packs of cigarettes ready, you crave them and I don't even smoke that much.
  2. if you wanna die.

    anyways sounds like you had a good trip. congrats.
  3. I dont crave the wacky tobbaccy because im not addicted kids.... (Im a fan of herbal cigs, they taste good and i love smoking in general. Not when the smoking controls me though.

    But you had a good night, ill rep + that.
  4. ^ hold on .. im confused.. ugh.. HAPPY NEW YEAR

    *tries to sneak away*
  5. Those are the best nights man, thats the key with shrooms tho, if your in a place thats really chill, its the shit. One time we tripped in a forest down by this lake in winter, so it was really cold and all the shit was dead looking and it was all quiet. Then we got lost... Worst trip ever, i swear to god i just wanted to die.
  6. Sounds like a blast!
    I'm picking up a 1/4 of shrooms and a 1/4 of some dank bud tomorrow.. I can't wait, hopefully my trip will be as good as yours was :)
  7. nice trip. round' here shorroms are hard to come by.
  8. Bad shroom trips are the worst, even more bad if you have to comfort one who is having one.

    Yeah, you just give up on life and just feel like thats it. Mad scary, my friend told me while he was tripping that he was going to step into traffic. I had to watch him like crazy, I wouldn't even let him go to the bathroom by himself.

    Blah, gives me chills just thinking about it.
  9. when i have a bad trip i turn it into a good one by laughing at it. Im the only one ive heard with this tequnique. I try to change my perception on whats scary.
  10. wacky tobaccy is pot. not cigarettes.
  11. then youve never had an actuall bad trip man
  12. ^^ hehe yah I agree

    Sounds like you had a good trip, My last shroom trip was horrid and fucked me all up for a while so im done with tripping I had the same thing happen with acid bad enough trip to scare me away for good hehe... I stick with the weed, hash and opium personally :smoke:

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