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Shroom tips/methods.

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by 420smoker, Feb 23, 2006.

  1. Me and a couple of buddies are thinking about picking up an 8th of shrooms tomorrow and I was wondering just a little about them seeing as I havn't tried them.

    Is it true that sometimes people get sick and throw up their first time on shrooms?

    Is an 8th of shrooms enough to get 3 people tripping balls?

    Someone else told me that if you have your apendix out, then you could die from doing shrooms. True?

    Both of my other friends have done shrooms before, and have told me some stories about what happened. One friend said he was hanging out in a basement and saw tools that were laying around get up and start walking around.

    Then my other friend just said he saw all kinds of colors.

    Someone else also told me that if you eat them in a peanut butter sandwhich they taste better. I've even heard one of my friends say they are good in spaghetti.

    So pretty much I'm dying to try them, I just wanna hear some stories and get those questions answered.
  2. yeah, shrooms taste like shit...some people might throw up, i have never, but i could see how some could.

    and no, one 1/8th is NOT enough for 3 people, you need 1/8 each.
  3. Well depending on quality 3 people might be able to trip off of a 8th. I suggest eating atleast 2.5 g. And Ive never actually seen shit walking around and stuff like that on shrooms. Like your other friend said, colors are brighter, walls 'breath' just stuff like that. Once a buddy of mine ate a 1/2 and he started to see some shit like that.
  4. if its your first time i wouldnt eat an 1/8 yourself, the other two will have to eat more than u probly cuzz they have tripped before . but 1/8 is definatly not enough for 3 people.

    dont drink milk with it , makes it less effective

    drink oj and i htink peanut butter helps it work
  5. my first time i ate a half 8th, nothing happend, i suggest taking the whole 8th.
  6. yea, people have told me its scary when people freak out. and say that u have tobe somewhjere where u can just chill and not leave until they wear off. they also say that i might go nuts if i try watching star wars episode 3 on shrooms. but im determined to do that, and just see what happens.
  7. the first time i did shrooms i ate a 1/16 and tripped alright, the second time i ate the full 8th and tripped balls for a good 6 hours. but i never got sick so thats deff not true.
  8. There's no way that's true. Your apendix is purely vestigial and serves no purpose at all.
  9. Get a box of oatmeal cream pies. Open them like an oreo, put the shrooms inside, and put back together. tastes like heaven.
  10. lol oreo shrooms

  11. okay 1 eigth PER PERSON! its jsut a fucking waste ull wish u did more everyone here does .. only people who havent tried them say take half eigth.. get the full eigth u wont regret it ..

    nothing 'enhcances' shrooms (ex: OJ) its just in their head that it does .. palcebo effect if u may

    buy 3/4ths ounce should run u guys up to 100$ (between 3 people not bad..) maybe a little more or less depending on your area ..

    make sure u 2 friends are good friends and pretty chill .. i shroomed with an annoying kid i wish i hadent shromed at all he wouldnt shutup and quite is key imo =D

    put all your caps in one bag (from the 3/4th oz) and all stems in another.. seperate them evenly .. first caps (since there more potent) and then stems (stems are good still and help alot)

    i never used sisors jsut fingers but idc what u do .. break them up into tiny peices about == big all over a peanutbutter sandwitch .. u should be able to cover the whole sandwitch in one layor .. just take some bites and chew each bite for 3 mins ..

    might gag a lil there kinda raunch to people i dont mind them but w/e hardly taste them in pb sandwitch ..

    so you ate your eigh of shrooms each and your waiting.. id smoke a bowl or so and get high cause u got a bit of waiting to do and waiting isnt fun..

    what to expect: First you will feel a little sick like your going to puke and then your throat feels a lil clammy.. then out of nowhere you feel calm and good like u just got out of a shower feeling .. clean .. warm ..

    soon after that you will notice some moderate sound changes.. when you talk u might not recoginize your voice .. should start to feel realy warm and great body high (specially after blazing some good weed)

    have some bright colors around .. is set my destop to this picture (on my comouter) http://forum.grasscity.com/image.php?u=23554&dateline=1132983957 (hazeds avater thing) and put it on tile .. makes a uplifting mood and very trippy looking.. now after that things will be funny as shit put on some good tv shows like comedy central.. or something like fam guy w/e u like .. nothing scary!!!!! !!@! I WARN U BEWARE OF COMMERCIALS TOO CLOSE YOUR EYES AND MUTE SOUND DURING THEM INCASE A MOVIE PREVIEW COMES ON FOR HORROR FLICK!!! WORST PART OF TRIP

  12. 1/8 won't be enough, but it def depends on how good they are. I've tripped the hardest on half an 1/8, so just try to get another 1/8 and you should be fine
  13. Whenever my buddies and I find some "boomers" we always make tea with them. Usually we buy an 8th and split it between 3 people. Here's how we make it:

    First you have to boil some water and get some bags of tea.
    Chop up all the shrooms into little bits and put them in honey so the spores will stick and so will the shrooms. Then just pour the honey/shroom mix into the glasses of tea. Drink and have fun!
  14. shrooms are nothing to fear, me and a buddy ate an 1/8 each of really good quality shrooms. My friend had almost all caps and started freaking out and i couldnt stop laughing at him cuz i thought it was hilarious that he was freaking out. It didnt take long at all before he calmed down and started having as good a time as i was. Moral of the story, if anyone starts to freak out dont get all serious on them cuz it will make it worse just go on like normal, make fun of the shit they say until they realize everything is fine and to enjoy it while it lasts.
  15. 1/8 is definatly not enough for 3 people, my friends and I take an 1/8 when we shroom. Make sure you are comfortable with the people you are shrooming with, and exclude yourselves from others while tripping.

  16. Dude, Ive taken shrooms. I always eat an 8th but the first time I tripped nuts off of 2.5g. They were grown by my buddy in his house. So I dont know if 'fieldys' are ALOT less potent, but the shrooms I used to get would get you where you wanna go with a 8th.
  17. Two eigths would be enough for 3 people to trip good (2/3rds and eigth per person). An eigth should suffice for two people if they are quality shrooms- I've tripped nuts for about 5 hours off a half eigth. But an eigth of the same shrooms was some beatiful shit seeing neat patterns crawl around on the wall while the ceiling looked like it was stretching and rising up forever. Music made it better- listen to the beatles.

    Whatever you do don't buy shrooms mixed in chocolate bars, the amount promised is never in there. I bought a supposed half eigth bar and all I felt was happy and everything seemed scenic.
  18. ONly advince i can offer is just make sure ur doing somthing fun while your trippin out cuz if you get bored then you may start bad trippin and thats always shity. Make tea if u dont wanna get a tummy ache and stay positve.

    Oh ya, have fun tripping the fuck out to!
  19. and dont forget the vitamin c, anything that has it in it will intensify your peak. starburst, i dont thinnk they have vit c in them, but they still are good as shit! its the best thing in the world, so are big gulps of gatorade and sunny d :D and if you get the chance, eat those shrooms at 2 in the morning.
  20. First time I ever did Shrooms I took a gram, it was pretty cool and it got me pretty high. That was a great night actually, I drank a shit load (ya tend to do that when on shrooms) and I smoked some weed (lots of it actually) too. Pretty fun New Years.

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