Shroom Tales: The Anthology

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    I have decided to make a thread dedicated to the soul purpose of sharing mushroom experiences. I have seen many threads about mushrooms stories, questions, etc. and this should prove to be an exciting and hilarious thread.

    Share your experiences!

    Forrest adventures:

    I was taking a piss, being careful not to pee on the trees (Man, who would want piss on them?), when I saw a squirell. We locked our eyes for what must of been 5 minutes. Me and my friend named him. When he left I didn't want to lose my new friend so I chased him through the forrest. looking back I must of looked insane. Shouting "Don't go!" While sprinting through bushes, jumping logs and dodging trees.

    On my way back I noticed a tree, it was different than the others. It was older, more mature. I hugged her, told her how much I loved her and that I would miss her. She hugged me back.

    Edit: I don't know if this should be in Pandoras or Real life stories.
  2. This story takes place in the summer with me and 3 other friends tripping face. I was on 4.5 Grams of shrooms, another frind, J on 4, C on 4.5, and my friend S on about 1.5 (It was his first time and we all gave him .5 from our bag).

    We dosed at about 11 in the morning and decided to walk to our local park for some chill woodsy-type area. On the way we had to stop and get my friend J some food (He's diabetic) so me and C waited outside while S (The most sober) and J went to get some donuts from Timmys.

    While me and C are leaning on the wall I start to trip hard. The wall that I am facing is stretching towards me and I am bending around (apparently) dodging this shifting wall. This is a busy restaurant and tonnes of people were exiting and seeing some guy up against a wall, covering his head and dancing around like hes being shot at. S and J come out of Timmys with a "Holy shit that was fucked up" look on their faces.

    We peace and J tells me what went down. While trying to order the words on the menu would overlap so he couldn't read them. So he asked for a box of a half-dozen doughnuts, and she says "One doughnut?" J tells her 6, and she hands him 2 doughnuts. He repeats again, 6, and she hands him 2 more. At this point he says fuck it, pays for the 4 doughnuts and leaves, to find me tripping out at the wall.

    We reach the park and proceed to smoke some bowls. My friend C is having a terrible trip. It is seriously the funniest thing I have ever seen in my life. His arms were apparently turning purple, and he was dying. Tomorrow didnt matter because he would be dead, or something like that. Its funny, but in a way very fucked because i know the reality of his situation all too well.

    "Where's C?"
    "He says he' dying."
    "Guys, my arms are purple, I'm dying."

    So 3 hours pass, and I havent eaten all day. Being as we are all under the influence and not driving we make the trek to Micky Ds, The saviour of most stoned munchies, and the location of many hilarious fuckups.

    Standing in line, an old lady that is working starts yelling "Excuse me! Coming through! Watch out," And I am standing there like "What the fuck!" as the sea of people seperates into two huge masses, and a passage forms with me in the middle. Coming down the passage is a hunched over old lady pushing a box at what seemed like 30 miles an hour. I had no idea what to do, so i just stood there. She hit me with a box. A mumbled some nonsense and got out of there. This happened a lot faster then I experienced it, so really the lady had no time to react to me being in her way.

    Needless to say, I laughed so hard afterwards.
  3. First to start things off i was in my house alone and went to go pick up my friend to shroom with. Stupidly i walked out of my garage and had left the shrooms on the kitchen table. When i got back i had to break down my door just to retrieve the shrooms so i wouldnt get caught. VERY BAD WAY TO START THE NIGHT.

    So i took my eigth with some oj (so did friend) and went into basement to play some GTAIV.
    All of a sudden we both realize that the shrooms has it hit us. Its just constant uncontrollable laughter for 10 mins. Then we talked about nothing for like an hour.
    My friend started getting pissed off because i had so many thoughts running through my mind and wouldnt shut up and let him talk. All of a sudden i see him just walk away and sit in another room. So im asking him like, whats up? and hes telling me that hes contemplating murder and he could snap my neck and wouldnt even care.
    We talk about this and realize its just part of the trip.
    From what i understand he thought in his head he was a lunatic, something i could only compare to the joker from batman. The night goes on and everythings fine for a while.
    I took my eighth and 12 so its about 630 and im still pretty fucked up. All i wanted to do was sleep but i couldnt. I felt that inside my head i could never have peace as constantly all i could hear was the voice of my conscience. This made me feel litterally INSANE. So its about 730 and i cannot take life without sleeping anymore. I then find myself over the toliet forcing my finger down my throat trying to puke but basically nothing would come out.
    At about 8 i started to come off my trip. Finally i could rest.

    Would I do shrooms again?
    Absolutely. Just not with that kid. lmfao.

    ps. I was def feeling the after glow till the next night.

    Friend was contemplating snapping my neck...
  4. That would sketch me out man. Glad you got out of there.
  5. yes scary shit.
    Havent triped on shrooms since.
    My Dph trip was a lot smoother in my opinion. I felt I had more control and could shut the trip off at any time just by sleeping.
  6. Really? DPH is sketch. OTC drugs are fails imho.

    Shrooms = Mindstate, Setting. That guy probably sketched you out and fucked up your trip.
  7. probably hahah.
    I fee like legit psychodelics youre strapped in and whether you like it or not youre fucked up and not sleeping till its over. I wasnt really looking for like an open mind i wanted visuals. So i got my visuals with dph lol. But then that in itself visuals without feeling good is kinda stupid.
  8. Good Thread :hello:!

    I can't really recall my full trip so i will just recall like 3 hrs of it:

    This actually happened last night, so my friend, C, and i are tripping and all of the sudden my dog, a black lab, runs into the room and jumps on my bed which scared the shit out of my friend. After a few min he finally realized it wasnt a demon and we had a good laugh. I spent the next three hours playing with my dog and talking about how much I loved her. Her fur felt so.. different..
  9. I know what you're saying bro. I forgot I had a dog and it walked in and I just about shit a brick.
  10. dude, i have a cat and a dog. animals are the TRIPPIEST shit when i'm tripping shrooms. they're like these odd little fuzzy creatures that are totally obedient to you and rely on you for protection and food and shit. i have spent several trips just sitting with my cat and dog, who are friends with eachother, and messing with them. i'll play tug of war with my dog (take a rope toy and yank on it while she pulls with her mouth) or fetch. and with my cat, i'll give her catnip, or play with yarn. it's fucking awesome.
  11. Hey good idea.. I can't believe I didn't think to play with my cat on psychedelics.. Only drug I can remember playing with a cat was on E, and that was amazing..
  12. ^ Yeah man, The fur is so damn soft! I pet my dog for hours
  13. animals while trippin ftw! :hello:
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    Lol, you give your cat some catnip while you're on mushrooms. That shit is funny to me. I laugh my balls off watching them on catnip while sober. You've opened my eyes to something here.

    Anyways my story goes as follows. A friend and myself had been interested in mushrooms ever since we heard of them. We plan this great forest adventure, I had some huge plants in the woods at the time so I thought we'd trek out and spend some time with them. So we eat the shrooms, wait a few and head out. Everything is great, but normal. It's been an hour and we're about to leave the site when we look at each other just to make sure one of us wasn't out of it, but surely we were feeling nothing. We walk back to the house and still neither of us are tripping. We decide it's weed time and we're pretty upset that we were ripped off with these shrooms. We both take a hit. Then he starts talking about how people think, but while he says it, it seemed like he was seeing god, or he was finally gaining this forbidden knowledge. I'm like "yeah man, that sure is neat" and decide to get a drink to take away the cottonmouth. As I walk through the livingroom, everything blue stood out, like they were neon lights. I got excited cause I was finally tripping and the colors were cool to me. I get the drink and while I'm standing there drinking this delicious milk next to my bed, I wake up. What the fuck man, theres milk all over the floor and I'm wedged between my bed and the wall seperating the two. I pick my head up to see my friend, calmly I'm like "did I just pass out?". "I guess, I don't really know wtf just happened". So now I need more milk, but when I look out the door of my room and down the stairs I realize that it's approximately 3 miles of hallway and if I left my room and walked all the way to the kitchen, how was I going to get back? I was so thirsty but I couldn't leave my room cause I thought I'd never return or be able to make it back there.
  15. cmo'n peeps lets hear some more shroom tales!

    At taco bell while shrooming:

    Clerk: Can i take your order?
    Me: Yes, you can
    Clerk: ...
    Me: ... uhh.. can i have a... uhh... big mac?
    Clerk: we don't serve those here...
    Me: why not?
    Clerk: this isn't Mcdonalds...
    Me: shit...

    keep in mind i was all bug-eyed and must have looked hilarious, plus it took me a while to respond... fun times!
  16. The other day I was enjoying some good ol' mush and i decided to walk to the store to get a drink. Well this walk to the store turned into a 4 hour adventure through the countryside through grape vineyards and cherry feilds. I remember walking next to a bunch of workers pruning grapes and they were all looking at me like wtf?? I smiled and was laughing for no reason. I just remember thinking, this isn't bad, why the fuck is this illegal?? So anyways I got to the store and I had no money, but it was okay because the walk back was just as awsome as the walk there! :D
  17. Hmm Heres Mine...

    So i heard that my buddy knows someone that could get me some shrooms, so i was like "hells yeah! get me a quarter" since i havent tried em yet and ive been busting my balls finding em so i was in luck. Like a few days later he said he has them and he would bring it to the party, (we both were going to the same party) and i was like hells yeah! ill be fucking there. Fast Foward to the party......

    I get in everyone does their greetings and it looked like everyone already did their shrooms and are already fucked up, i talk to my boy get my shit and run back to the hotbox room with the biggest smile on my face, i was like YESSS!!!! finally...

    So my buddies go and say your not eating a quarter you will die, i was like "fuck you! im doing it, i wanted to do shrooms for so long!". As i grinded the shrooms up i was hitting bongs, blunts, joints, i proceeded to eat my shrooms. As i reached for some shrooms this annoying ass dude kept bothering me and asked "hey, share some with me?", heres my response "FUCK YOU, i dont know you and you didnt pay shit", hes all like "Well ill buy some" I said "Your still not getting anything" *walks into the kitchen for a glass of water. I started eating the shrooms im about 1/4 through the 7 grams of shrooms, i got tired of chewing and having a weird/dry taste in my mouth so i put some shrooms into the water and downed it.I had about half of the bag left and i proceeded to eat it little by little, until another peson come and says "Hey wanna smoke this and hotbox the washroom downstairs?" I was down for that :) . So by now we were chillin and shit as usual till we were done, i stayed in the washroom, i felt a little naseous so i chilled in there for a while. I still had about 1/4 more or less of shrooms left, i then gazed into the mirror to check out my eyes if their all bugged out surprisingly they were not and i was for sure feeling the effects cause i fucking stared into that mirror what seemed forever. Anyways so i felt like i needed to vomit so i did, (i didnt think it was the shrooms cause i drank some alchohol off this chick she gave me, but it wasnt much a shot or less). So i get out and feel all happy and shit, i got upstairs and i was like :O i still have some shrooms so i go into the upstairs washroom and downed the rest.

    Now this is were things started to get fucked, let me tell you i did all that within the span of 10-15 mins more or less. So were all chilling and partying having a good time smoking blunts/bongs/joints, at first i was like :confused: i feel all happy and shit but im not tripping. So some of my friends were leaving (or so i thought i was already trippin pretty hard but i didnt notice) and i was crashing his place for the night, so i get all paranoid and start looking for my jacket, i tried looking for it but i couldnt find it so i was like shit i guess i have to crash here but i didnt want to. Now i try to call my buddy that i was crashing his place, lets call him G. So i go outside and wanted to call him and ask where he was at cause maybe i could still comeover, as i flip my phone i go down and call my other friend, Lets call him A, so i called him and was like shit not him!. so i closed it and tried again, i called A again lol, I did that for about 10 mins straight calling A then closing it cause i was callling the wrong person. I decided i was wayyyy to fucked up to even try so i went back inside, i sat beside some other people and i was sitting right next to the speakers. I felt all the vibrations and shit felt so nice, by now i was trpiping HARD. HARDER than before, i started thinking about what tripping out was like, i kept thinking so many things and i finally concluded that i was tripping the fuck out.

    Now, i kept switching seats cause i was to close to the speakers, but somehow i always kept going back where i was sitting at (right beside the speakers) i dont know why, and then i looked there was this girl, Lets call her P, and she was walking back and forth to the music like a hypnotized bitch, i knew that wasnt happening cause i was tripping the fuck out. In the background i could hear this girl, Lets call her M. screaming and crying, i was like FUCK its killing my buzz and i started to feel that everything was gonna go downhill cuz of the screaming. i sit back down again by the speakers, this is where things got interesting, i blacked out. I fell off the chair and i opened my eyes seeing some people lifting me up, i looked around the walls were MELTING, i sat back down but i felt all melty like so i bsasically just fell right back down but in a sliding action (cant really explain it).

    Now to end the story i really dont remmember that night, only bits and pieces to it, but i ended up going to the hospital cause someone had went into my pockets and called my parents to come pick me up cause i was fucked up. During the trip i throw about 2 times inside the car, everything felt dream like, i really thought it was all a dream so i kept swearing in front of my parents and shit like that, when we got to the hospitali didnt want to leave the car cause i thought i was still dreaming, so we go inside and shit the doctor was a douche bag and he didnt know what he was talking about, he kept telling my parents lies about mushrooms and yeah (to long to explain).So i was sent home like 2 hours later cause i was fine after that. The next day i get on my computer and i have like alot of people messaging me about last night, they said that i had a 4 word vocabulary and i kept saying MARIJUANA!, SHROOMS!, wheres my jacket?. Minutes later i find out that i had also pissed my pants, i was like :O i started laughing since i know i was going to be the laughing stock of the school, anyways they also said that the guy's mom who hosted the party said "im not cleaning that up" i said "FUCK YOU!" in front of her while on shrooms.

    Conclusion : Do not do 7 grams of really good shrooms for your first time, i honestly dont remmember the whole night only bits and pieces, and to respect shrooms, it will kick you in your balls litterally. Hope i kept someone entertained while reading this story, yes i know its a bit long.

  18. Perfect example of how not to use shrooms!

    - Dont use them at parties
    - Dont eat 7 grams unless you are EXTREMELY experienced and have a sitter

    I hate when people use hallucinogenics such as mushrooms and lsd irresponsibly, freak out, and go to the hospital or end up doing something extremely stupid. Things like this is what gives shrooms and lsd, as well as many other drugs a bad name. However, it seems you learned your lesson and know now not to underestimate the power of the mush! Good Story!

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