Shroom Strains?

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  1. Alright. All I know is shroom strains have funny names.

    Anyone want to actually elaborate on the differences and what their favorite strain is?

    Or maybe somewhere I could read up on the different types.
  2. not strains, but species.

    sorry, i had to be the asshole.
  3. Buy a mushroom identification book. It'll have both psychedelic and non but you'll earn a better understanding of what mushrooms are and the minute differences between different species, as there are dozens of psychedelic species.
  4. Cubensis are the ones your most likely to come across when you buy mushrooms. But two other popular species are cyancens and Azurecens (not sure If I spelled those right...)

    Azurecens are around twice as potent as cubensis and Cyancens are like in the middle. You could look them up to get the exact information. There is a ton of other species of psilocybe mushrooms, but the 3 I mentioned are the ones your most likely to come across.

    EDIT: And my favorite species is Azurecens, because mushrooms dont taste all that great - and you dont have to eat as much with them.
  5. The only learning I did on shroom strains was what Ralphsters had in their descriptions here.

    I've only done Ecuador strain, it's a good one. :)

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