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Discussion in 'General' started by Bomba, Feb 19, 2004.

  1. Ok, I hear that shrooms are fairly easy to grow, and since they're scarce in my town, I would prolly be able to make a little extra cash with my question is where can I obtain a spore kit (if they're legal of course ;)) and if I can get some, would anyone be willing to teach me how to grow them? Thanks :)
  2. you live where???

    If your in the US, it is legal to get spore syringes, only for mycology research of course. I would suggest ralphsters spores for your syringe and The Famous PF Tek to learn how to grow... it really is easy as hell, the only thing stoping me from doing it is the whole illegal thing.

    haha you beat me to it love and loyalty! haha, even the same links!!! :D
  3. yeap, i'm in u.s....thanks alot :D great help
  4. why can't they deliver to california? i know of headshops that sell them here. BS!!!!
  5. Ok, sorry again, but for sure now, me and my friend are gonna start cultivating, sooo my question is, which type should we order? We're gonna get 4 syringes for $40 but I'm completely lost as to which type to get, so any recommendations (sp?) would be greatly appreciated. thanks again :)
  6. Sorry I can't help, but I definitely think I'm gonna grow shrooms when I move into my house next sem. They don't need lights like weed, right?
  7. they need indirect sunlight, so you can grow em in ur close if you put a weak bulb on em.

    Im growin em right now and they are colonizing right now and i used no lights, just left mine out in the open during the day and put em away at night

    p.s. (need about 12 hrs of light)

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