Shroom Smoothie

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by SoCal Toker, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. Getting some shrooms for me and a friend pretty soon and I've heard they taste like shit. I also heard about shroom tea, but could you do like a smoothie? Just like a normal smoothie with fruit and stuff but throw in a few g's of shrooms. Would that work?
  2. Yeh you could easily grind it up and smoothie it. had a few friends who threw up from that though.

    Don't make much, i think eating a lot will kill it. More food in the stomach, slower digestion so it's not as strong.
  3. Yeah I know, They'd be like shot-sized or so. But idk... Don't wanna throw up from it. ;)
  4. just buy a small bag of smarties or m&m's and chew a couple with your shrooms, tastes like chocolate you cant taste ANY of the mushies. I swear. Chew untill everythings liquid and then swallow :p
  5. Yeh ya never know dude. once youve commited to a smoothie and all your shits in there and it tastes bad... you're screwed!

    do a peanut butter sandwich, folded in half. worked for me!

  6. Haha okay. Maybe I'll just try this. :cool:
  7. Seriously, i swear on my grave its just like chocolate, no mushroom taste. Its the best way :)
  8. if you eat shrooms with rice krispy treats the sweet taste covers the shroom taste and same with the texture.
  9. Honestly that really don't taste that bad.

    Just throw 'em in, chew them up pretty good and wash them down with a good glass of OJ and be ready for a fucking adventure.
  10. i think they taste great, but i like normal mushrooms too so who knows. but if you really dont like the taste throw them on some pizza.
  11. Last week i ate 6 grams of chopped dry shrooms with some strawberry yogurt crap and it worked great. You don't have to chew the shrooms, so you barely notice them. Never tripped so hard in my life.
  12. yeah my thoughts exactly, they taste like salad shrooms. Copelandia are actually REALLY TASTY, and i use them in a salad when i find em. Cubenesis is a little strawy in flavor, slightly meaty, stronger, yet still ok to eat.
  13. do this, it makes the taste a non-issue:
    grind up your shroom dosage in a blender or coffee grinder to get it as powdery as possible. then add this shroom powder to a couple fl ounces of OJ and let it soak for an hour or so. then pound it down like a shot o whiskey. the citrus acid is a potentiator for the pscilly stuff, so by doing it this way you'll come up faster, trip harder and then be back to "normal" in a few hours. it's a proven method.

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