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Shroom Question

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by XPiperX, Aug 9, 2007.

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  1. I did a search, and was quite unlucky.. Anyone know how long shrooms will keep if bagged? Would freezing help?
  2. I\'ve heard of people freezing their shrooms in a block of ice (not sure as to whether or not they did it specifically with kool-aid), but they said after they let them thaw they were perfectly fine.

    I\'m not sure why they\'d mentioned the kool-aid in the post though, maybe it adds some flavoring? :confused:
  3. Bumpiy bump
  4. i don\'t have my fanaticus guide with me, but the first thing you want to do if you plan on keeping shrooms a long time is to dehydrate them. then, if memory serves me right, you can keep them at least several months in a fridge.

    you can also put them in jars of honey to make blue honey if you don\'t want to chew on dry stringy shrooms. they taste better fresh for sure.

    there are forums out there dedicated to MYCOLOGY. you could get alot better answers there than you could here.

    why not look into growing them yourself? it\'s nowhere near as difficult or expensive as growing weed. all you need is a 10 gallon fishtank and a piece of plexiglass that you can tilt inside it to keep water from dripping on it, under $10 worth of halfpint wide mouth canning jars, a $2 bag of vermiculite, a $4 or so bag of brown rice flour (even cheaper if you grind the rice yourself, a dollar store sprayer, some saran wrap to seal the tank and a $20 or so clam steamer... oh yeah, and some spores. if you already have shrooms, you could get spores from them too.

    for something like $70 (or less if you\'re good with DIY or already have items) you could have a constant supply of fresh shrooms for quite a while. then, every few months, you\'d just need a few dollars ingredients.

    i need to get some vermiculite which no-one here seems to have, some flour and jars myself. already have a steamer and spores of fanaticus and hawaiian if they\'re still viable. spores should keep a long time as long as they don\'t get hot or contaminated.

    depending on where you live, we\'re just a few months away from cow pasture wild shroom season.
  5. Thanks a lot for all the info man. I planned o only keeping some already dried shrooms for about a week or less, so you\'ve definitly helped me out.
  6. hey... glad to help whenever i can.

    shrooms are really underrated. they\'re alot safer than acid and alot more fun than any weed that couchlocks.

    on my mission, i just got a case of 8 oz. widemouth jars, but not one dang store in this town carries freakin\' vermiculite and you can\'t throw a rock without hitting a garden center here! i just don\'t get that.
  7. Im not a shroom taker nor do I know much - Ive done it once in my life and it was great but couldnt you just keep them in a baggy or container? Wouldnt they stay fine

  8. Sucks man, I used to grow. Try Ebay, You can get bags of it pretty damn cheap. Out of curiosity, What strain(s) are you growing?
  9. if you dry them out 100% till they are crispy like a potato chip theyll last hellllllllllllllllla long. longer then you will keep them for at least
  10. i disagree. after trying acid a bunch of times revently i have deduced it is much safer for your psyche than shrooms man, shrooms have that come up where (if u take enough) u feel like ur gonna die/ some ppl throw up. that really fucks with peopls heads like permanently versus acid u just feeel sooooo goooood the whole time. and shrooms hallucinations are more like i donno hard to explain but they make me feel more like im being poisoned than anything else(which is true) but whatever psychadelics are the SHIT
  11. acid is actually safer than shrooms, the toxic dose is thousands of times the dose of a single hit, theoretically impossible to OD on (shrooms are right there too tho with a close 2nd, with the amount of wet shrooms you would have to consume would be your body weight to hit a toxic point)

  12. if ur only keeping them for a wk or so u dont need to do anything but put them in a baggie, theyll be fine.
  13. yes, some people do have bad reactions to shrooms, especially when they dose too much, but that handful i tried at the concert tasted just like a salad and did nothing to me except make me really happy.

    acid is DEFINATELY not safe unless you\'re the one who made it and know exactly what\'s in it. people put all kinds of shit in acid when they make it. strictnine was one of the things i remember someone mentioning. even if there isn\'t something toxic in a hit of acid, you can never be sure of a hit\'s potency. i had to take 7 out of the 8 hits i bought once to even trip just a little the 1st time i tried it while just two the second time ended up putting me in a mildly bad trip.

    i just prefer ORGANIC hallucinogens. i don\'t trust garage chemists. i\'ve known at least a couple gals whove been sherm dosed off weed even and had really bad experiences. i\'d rather do shrooms or even better, peyote. the one weak hit i did of mescaline was a little fun, but going straight to the organic source just sounds more interesting to me. too bad peyote takes 2 years to mature and only grows in desert environments.

    as to my shroom spores, i have one of fanaticus and one of hawaiian. i intend to go pasture hunting this year too, but i need to research spore printing again because i don\'t remember what color means poison. i THINK it\'s red and brown and grey, black and purple are OK, but please don\'t go test that theory people! sadly i lost the high times i had with that info. i think poisonous strains don\'t grow near manure anyways, but will definately look it up before i go putting any unknown shrooms in my body.

    yeah, i know vermiculite is cheap, but it\'s the shipping that would be a pain in the butt... $10 to ship a $2 bag of vermiculite? they actually sell it here, but only in giant 6 foot tall bags! try bringing one of those on a bus. in my last town i could just walk up the street to my local pharmacy after spring and buy it. here, even garden centers don\'t stock it in regular size bags.

    one way or the other, i\'ll have to bite the bullet and pay more than the $2 i\'m used to.

    i never got any shrooms the 1st time i tried to grow them a couple years ago. (i hope my spores are still viable) they had just started sprouting, but then all of the cakes went bad with fungus before it was time to birth them. i think part of might have been too much moisture in the vermiculite which wasn\'t dry and that i might have cut a couple corners in the steaming procedure like not having extra unpunched lids to put over the cake lids. i also innoculated the cakes the next day instead of letting them sit a week as the directions stated.

    this time i\'ll start small until i learn the technique properly.
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