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  1. The title says it all. I'm just curious about how much you all pay for shrooms. I know they're not in season but i still wanna know.
  2. 35 an 1\8th
    65 a quarter
    when they're going good

    probably 40 an 1\8th towards the end of season
  3. I've paid as little as 750 for a QP(obvious quantity discount) and as much as 50$ an eighth years ago. Always worth it, always an amazing experience.
  4. do you know when the season typically picks up again?(new to the shroom scene)
  5. 10$ an eighth for decent shrooms...25 for bomb
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    i fried two days ago actually. i love mushies :)
  7. 10 a g is fairly standand, with big discounts for bulk :)
  8. usually around first frost / fall we have alot of shrooms going around

    I guess it depends on who you know
    alot of people grow there own spores inside
  9. usually $40 an 1/8th in NH.
  10. I had a good connect so prices were
    40 an 1/8
    70 a Qtr
    180 an O
    600 a QP
    1600 a Lb
  11. $40,45, up to 50 an 8th in Maryland.
    acids rare too, up to $15 a hit of blotter :p
  12. damn when i did em i paid 30 an eighth both times and i didn't think that was worth it. i prolly wont do it again unless i get around to growing em
  13. Last time I bought 'shrooms I got 2gs for $20
    But normally its $40 an 1/8th around here, high prices, I know
  14. no higher than 30/eighth.
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    lol you guys talking about "seasons" are kind of silly. Most shrooms are grown inside year round, although there are varieties picked outdoors, but those are not the kind youd normally buy off the street.

    edit: my point is that regardless of season it should not effect price.
  16. round here yall city boys get the shit end of the deal we pick em and get them free in louisiana
  17. 40 an eighth, but I don't think the dealers weigh it they just throw in like 14 caps and like 10 stems, just enough for you to get fucked up, or you can split it with someone for 20 a piece and have the time of your life with that person. Funnest/funniest moments of my entire life were on mushrooms.
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    Yes but you have to say things like "ya'll city boys"
    so I think it kind-of evens out...

    (kidding...sort of)
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  19. lol yea i thought yall would like that. No we are not that country, but i have never bought shrooms.
  20. Here, its $35 for 1/8th

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