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  1. im buying shrooms was gonna do 20 for a gram of dry would that be a bad deal? ive heard it should be an eigth for 20 but is that dry or wet? thanks for the help
  2. ive never paid over 12 dollars a gram. i wouldn't pay over 15 for sure..
    and i do not know the difference between dry and wet shrooms??
  3. well i read that if theyre wet you need 10 times as much to get the same effect how much do you usually take at that price?
  4. ya i never pay more than 12 for a gram either. and going by the 10x rule you would need to ingest 35 grams. which i cant say is true or not because i dont buy them wet myself
  5. well shit i was only gonna do one gram for my first time would that not be enough?
  6. I heard to get the full effect the average person needs to take 3 grams at least. Im not positive on that but i just wouldnt want u to take a gram and be dissapointed with ur results. Anyone else know?
  7. depending on ur wight and height and metabolism and how u think u can handle it, eat 2grams-3.5 for ur first time, and fuck it man, i mean, if shrooms dont come around or there is only this 1 hookup id say fuck it and do it.

    3.5 grams will be really intsense, id go with 2 or 2.5
  8. An eighth of shrooms should never be over $45, even if you have a bad connection. A good price range is $25-35 (getting hard to find $20 eighths these days). And as for how much you should take... it all varies depending on your size and weight and the potency of the shrooms. I would suggest 2grams as the starting off point. If you feel like you can handle that and still want a stronger experience, then redose the full 3.5g 45mins after.

    As for gram prices, $10 per gram is really good, never over $15
  9. well thanks you guys
  10. First time I bought an Eighth the dude charged me $30 second time I bought an Eighth it cost me $25.... both times the shrooms were dry...wet shrooms... ew...
  11. O man...shrooms in my area are 50/eighth. /Envyfellowblades.
  12. I've always paid $20 an eighth or $40 a quarter. Fresh (wet) mushrooms are MUCH more potent then dry ones. Check out this site if you want to read up on them... It discusses growing, dosing, etc...

    "They also mention something else that's interesting. They say that psilocybin and psilocin are present in equal amounts in fresh 'shrooms, AND that psilocin is something like 1.4 times as psychoactive as psilocybin. Given the fact that psilocin is sensitive to oxidation, and breaks down upon drying (i suppose), this seems like a probable reason that fresh ones are so much more potent than dried ones."
  13. Almost all mushrooms you're going to get are going to be dry unless the guy just harvested or something along those lines. If you truly want to have a psychedelic experience your first time, I'd suggest eating an entire 8th or more.

    There have been plenty of times where I've eaten an eighth and had an amazing time, but sat there wishing for a more intense trip. Having said that, mushroom potency is VERY much a variable thing and you don't know how hard it'll hit until you've eaten them and are shot off to the moon.

    Weight, metabolism, and susceptibility to psilocybin's effects do play a major role, so if you're a smaller guy then maybe a little less mush wouldn't be a bad thing.

    Also, try to find out what kind of caps you're getting. Chances are you're getting standard cubensis, but if they're of a more potent variety(Panaeolus cyanescens?) then you could be in for a real trip.

    And $20/g is ridiculous! But if they're a rarity, by all means..

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