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  1. Just got some shrooms from a friend who picks them. 100 caps for $80. The potency is really good and they were just picked this morning. The total weight is about 2.5 lbs. Enjoy!
  2. Not dry thats why they weigh so much?
  3. what type of shrooms are those????
  4. yeah, we expect about 1lb out of it dry, theyre all drying now. I had a two small caps (about 1"-1.5") a few hours ago and I've got a good trip going. These are nice and potent. About to smoke my churchwarden pipe with some captain black gold on my hammock.
  5. 1lb dry? No way.

    "Just picked this morning" = Mushrooms are 90% water.

    Assuming you got 1154 grams (2.5lbs) then you'll get 115.4 grams dry. Still a nice haul for $80 no shit, but not an LB.
  6. Yea dude prolly not ganna turn out to be a lb, but hella nice pickup, are these straight from a field or grown?
  7. picked on a field, I can get about 500-600 more through the end of the summer. Humid Louisiana is good for something every now and then.
  8. yeah based on the look of things I'd say you got like 3 ounces max, but it's hard to tell without something to scale it by in the 3rd picture

    either way it's a killer deal I usually get ounces for 120

  9. damn im in LA too. new orleans. what part are you in ?
  10. I'm at school at tech in Ruston.
  11. i dont see no 2 pounds of shrooms man......and two pounds of mushrooms for 80 bucks? sounds a lil farfetched to me...can i see a picture of the whole thing? and if theyre wet they dry a lot my friend grew a bunch and they got a lot lighter once they dried
  12. I would give a whole picture but we've eaten about 20, and sold about 60 more. Not really that many left. I can post pictures of the next batch we get. We're supposed to get about 70 more caps in a few days.

    We started with 2-3 pounds wet. I never got a good measurement. After about 10 hours in the dehydrator we were left with about 7-8oz of shrooms, less than I expected, but still a good haul. Ill get better pictures next time around. As soon as word got out around our friends that we had a bunch they sold really quickly. A friend of my roommate's dad has a cattle farm where tons of them grow naturally during the summer and its louisiana humid (~60-70%), and he doesnt want them, but we'll buy them, so we get them really cheap.
  13. Those look like shitake mushrooms.
  14. I do concur.

    To the OP:

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    I'm telling you guys, its just the enviroment that grows the big ones. This picture is a small sampling of some of them dried. The caps in the picture are about .5"-1.5" with our biggest caps upwards of 2.5"

    dont blame me because you haven't seen them fresh.

    check out every shroom pic with big ones

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