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    So I found some shrooms growing by my house after a bit of rain. I'm in Lower Chicago, btw. They were growing underneath and right next to a cut down tree. There was maybe 50-60. I took about 8 or 9. I tried spore printing but they're fragile and break easy. The caps conical and tan-light brown on top and fade to almost white at the bottom. I'd say the diameter of the cap is about an inch and a half to an inch (sorry for my Americanism). The stems are white and maybe 3 inches. The stems are also hollow. They smell exactly like the shrooms you buy and eat. The underside of the caps are black - dark purple and maybe somewhat brown. I have zero experience with shrooms and would like some help. I've thought about shroomery but don't wanna make a new account and everything.
  2. well, bruise /crush one. If it turns blue, go to the shroomery and post pictures.
    Just because it bruises blue does not mean its safe, it just means it could easily be magic.
  3. If I had a camera, I would've posted pics here. I'm squeezing one right now and it's letting out a bit of water. Doesn't seem to be turning blue. Do they turn blue immediatly?
  4. No not immediately, pinch it a bit on the stem and cap and let it sit for a couple mins. Whether it bruises blue is not a direct indication that it's of the psilocybe genus, but can be a good sign.

    Spore prints are absolutely vital, as well as pictures before you eat. Even eting so much as one bad shroom can kill you. Worse part is, a lot of poisonous mushrooms don't kill you for up to a month after consumption.. So you wouldn't know you ate the wrong kind until you just start to die..

    Please identify before eating!!
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    Would you have a guide on how to take a good spore print? And I might be able to take a pic with a phone and email it and post it but not sure.

    EDIT: It's been a few minutes and I'm pretty sure I'm not seeing blue.
  6. Well it not bruising blue is not good, so definitely do spore prints

    Heres a guide, good luck and be smart:
  7. Can I see examples of bruised shrooms? I think they've gotten a bit purple but not sure.
    I'll get started on that spore print too
  8. Psilocybe cubensis - notice the blue/purple tint


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  9. How long does it take for them to dry?
  10. The ones that grow in your area are:

    Gymnopilus sp.
    Panaeolus cinctulus
    Pluteus salicinus

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  11. Short answer.. Depends on how you dry them...

    Long answer, you should air dry them then finish it off with some sort of dessicant ideally, however if you just plan on short term storage then you can air dry them which will take probably around 3 days depending on the species.. I would use a fan for that.
  12. Damn. They don't like anything like those. More like these.
  13. Those don't look active man.. Sorry.. If in doubt throw em out
  14. Yeah, probably gonna toss em. Fuck it.
  15. Im just trying to possibly save your life or someone elses.. Plus I like to talk about shrooms haha

    I'd say look for the ones I posted in those pics, cus those are the ones containing psilocybin in Illinois, unless I missed one, or youre interested in hunting all sorts of mushrooms as a hobby like myself.

    Stay cool, stay smart, and trip on
  16. Awesome! I'll be on the lookout!

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