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  1. tommorow I will be buying an eigth of shrooms from my dealer. I have never tripped on shrooms before, anything Im missing besides, being in a good enviroment, not going into the woods or leaving my room.

    tokiemonster :smoking:
  2. - Keep a posative and open mind.
    - Don't fight the shrooms because they will win!
    - Give into any "urges" you have within reason.
    - Have some "good vibes" music, i like reggae or reggae rock such as Slightly Stoopid.
    - Start with half the eighth and see where it goes from there. You can re dose later.
    - Go on a walk. It's nice.
    - Movies are nice, but i prefer them coming down. NO SCARY MOVIES!
    - Orange Juice?
    - Go with the flow
    - Expect the unexpected, it will most likely be alot different than you think it will be.
    - Weed can help the nausea and anxiety of coming up and help you sleep coming down.
    - Playing with pets can be comforting.
    - Talking on the forums or to CLOSE friends over myspace/txt etc. can be comforting.
    - Most of all just have fun!

    Hope you have a good trip, if you need any advice feel free to PM me :D.

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    Not going into the woods? What? GO INTO THE WOODS!

    Some of the best times I've had on shrooms are in the woods. And it's definely where they should be done, in nature.

    I was taking a piss, being careful not to pee on the trees (Man, who would want piss on them?), when I saw a squirell. We locked our eyes for what must of been 5 minutes. Me and my friend named him. When he left I didnt want to lose my new friend so I chased him through the forrest. looking back I must of looked insane. Shouting "Don't go!" While sprinting through bushes, jumping logs and dogding trees.

    On my way back I noticed a tree, it was different than the others. It was older, more mature. I hugged her, told her how much I loved her and that I would miss her. She hugged me back.
  4. thanks guys, only reason about the woods why I dont wanna go in there, was because when I was trpping on Diphenhydramine , I had a bad trip, and I dont wanna bring up anything bad on the shrooms. And also thanks mushie!
  5. Listen dude, your gonna have a good time. Put on some heavy metal music while tripping and headbang like nuts, Get mad candy such as jolly ranchers. eat them
  6. :rolleyes: don't do this...
  7. Shrooms will be probably be your funnest experience like was mentioned before opne mind stay calm steer ckear of stressful enviornments and make sure to give yourself alot ofoptions where to go. One room can feel really tight and you may get clostrophobic(happened to me). Eat them with orange juice the vitamin c in the oj makes the effects come on a bit faster and it reduces the shitty taste. Nice music is always a plus and movie are good towards the end. Other than that have a great time
  8. shove your finger up your buttthole and proceed to sniff vigorously....

    nah chill and toke a bowl. if you have pets play with them. they'll probably know you're tripping and open their minds so you can connect with them at the same brain frequencies... shietttttttttttttt

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