Shroom Help Needed- Pictures!!!

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by STLguy13, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. Ok. I need your help grasscity. I got these last week, they are cubensis 100%. I know that.
    The kid i got it from told me it was an 8th, and I believe him, but I just want to make sure this looks like an 8th to you guys before I eat half of these tomorrow. There are a good amount of caps in there, some power from some caps and stems, and a some stems too.

    Is this an 8th of shrooms? I dont have a scale, and have never seen shrooms, so i dont know if it is or not. What do you guys think.


    Well? Is this an 8th or very close?
  2. looks about right
  3. thanks swisher, i see you post around here a lot, you're pretty helpful

    thanks man.

    i think i can trust you. im sure others will agree.
  4. yeah that looks pretty legit to me, considering ive had some caps that were super heavy and weighed out to an eigth that looks like half of what you have there (these were also cubes).
  5. Ya im eating half of those tomarrow night before a concert. It should be a good time and not too intesne of a trip. thanks for your help guys.
  6. definately an 1/8th, have a fuckin great time man, good vibes your way, music is awesome shroomin.
  7. Indeed. Im seeing Keller Williams, im sure some of you stoners know who he is.
    Its my first time shrooming, but ill be with friends, plus the good people at keller. Im only doing half as to no over-do it. Ill let you all know how it goes.
  8. So a 16th of cubensis is really not that much? its like a little handful or, well a mouthful.

    this is what i got after dividing it up in two. you guys sure this is a 16th and enough for a total shroom newb?

  9. yeah, my first time i ate about that much(size wise of your pic) and it was 1.7g. thats a perfect amount for the first time.
  10. Nice pick up man!

    Blue and Green gives ya that magical feeling.

    Eaten them yet?!
  11. yea nice pick up man ........ yea that first pic looked really legit but i did it once n i took half idk how much the half weighed cuz it was in chocolate but i would rather get the straight up mushrooms themselves screw chocolate u odnt know how much is in there but i ate the whole thing n my dealer told me it was half 1/8 but ive known this guy 4 ahwile and i took it but it just wasnt enough pissed me off there went 20$ how much u pay 4 ur eighth?
  12. Colors isn't really good.... the whiter your stems are the more potent.

    The reason they turn blue is because they oxidize.
  13. Thanks for all the help guys
  14. Actually, the REAL reason they turn blue is bruising.
  15. man after you split it into two, now i'm questioning whether it is an eighth...looks pretty small after it's split up...but i haven't fucked with the shroom game for a good minute
  16. Well they are not laying flat in the split up picture. you know how its in the corner of a bag, its like a cone, making it look like less.

  17. eat the full 8th you wont regret it just be in a safe enviroment. Mayb you should even have a sitter to reasure you if it turns bad.

  18. Naw thats a half eighth.

    Looks skimpy, but its only 1.75 Grams.

    All these shroom threads, makes me want some fucking psychs.
  19. Your saying that whole bag is 1.75 grams? its def heavier than a penny, which is 2.5 grams...
  20. Sorry for the confusion. I meant the divided batch was a half eighth.

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