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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Kyles2, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. i have my first shrom grow and was taught how to do everything but the harvest. well now is the time to havest. any tips? thanks
  2. twist n pull brotha
  3. thanks what should i put them on to dry out or am inot supposed to. i was told to have a fan on them too? also if supposed to how long do i dry
  4. Yup a fan will speed things up, put them on some cardbord with a fan over them, keep the room well ventilated. Dry until they're "cracker" dry, the driest of the dry...ness...fest.
  5. which kit did u buy, and if you wouldnt mind can u pm me the link to where u bought it?

  6. lol, me too.
  7. hello? post some pics
  8. lol, me four. :)

  9. Me 5, a kit would be great :D

  10. Yeah kit time...!!
  11. the best thing would be a dehumidifier...

    but recently this has worked for us haha bout 2-3 day dry time no fan


    Not a kit sorry I cant help u guys out lol
  12. are those white buffaloes?
  13. me? uh I think treasure coast... i cant remember. could be Equador i think or some country name lol

  14. They look like Treasure coast.

    I just recently harvested 2 casings worth. Had to teach a roomate how to do it.

    I have a fan case I don't use. The grills that cover the front of fans? Yeah that thing.

    Place them on that, and have a fan blowing over them. It'll take about 3 days, but it's worth it. Let us know how they come out/ how much you harvest dry!

    OH and, everyone should hit up the shroomery. Spend A LOT of time researching. Please. Cobweb is easy to spot and get rid of, but many molds are tricky, and potentially deadly.

    The initial set up isn't too expensive. But it takes careful pre-caution to NOT contam.
  15. Yeah kits are usually overpriced. I would just go on the shroomery and look around. You can get most of the stuff in your house. Then just order some syringes.
  16. that's what i've read. but can syringes be acquired offline? or where?
    Someone PM me please? :)
  17. could you PM me and teach me how you search the shroomery? i find that site so hard to navigate and information everywhere so it's hard to stay on track. btw where do you live in jersey, i'm a jersey guy myself.
    yeah i was wondering the same thing, are they regular syringes or special ones developed to cultivate spores or something?

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