Shroom Growth, how long does it take, it rained last evening!~

Discussion in 'General' started by meluvpot, May 2, 2004.

  1. Hey, it has rained just last evening for a good while and stopped around 8pm, I have no idea how long to wait to go out to the cow field and pick the shrooms. How long does it take for them to grow good, healthy, and potent?? I just found this kick ass field and I wanna get some ASAP because I have NEVER done them and cannot smoke for the time being! :mad: Please any info would be very appreciated, thanks
  2. First, go here and read up.

    I think it was something like... tomorrow or the next day, early morning while there is still a dew out, and pick them.

    Make sure you know what they are, some bad shrooms can grow there too and look alot like the ones you want.
  3. im intrestted in growing shrooms myself because iv read ulot on picking wild shrooms and most of what you read on it wrans against it. the simple truth is that theres millions of differnt breeds of shrooms, many of which apear nearly if not completely identical in apearance. for you to go out to a cow pasture, actuelly find shrooms their, and actuelly have them be psylosibin shrooms that arnt just poison would be about ten points short of a mericle. its not just good shrooms that grow in cow shit, howveer it IS a possibility that you could be succefull, although id put about twohundred on it not working out. if you do try though, make sure to match the shrooms with a guid to magic/poison mushrooms, and begin eating them in VERY VERY small doses. and yes, the best time to get them is just before dawn on a moist, warm morning. good luck, but be carefull and dont get your hopes up. as for what shrooms do, see "ShRoOmS" post. peace

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