Shroom Growing

Discussion in 'General' started by blitz, Nov 23, 2001.

  1. Anyone know a good company to buy shroom growing equipment from, and spores. The only one I know is

    Anyone know any company they think is better, or recommend

    oh also, anyone know a way to "wake up" (well, not completely, I mean, just weaken the effectsa bit if they have gone too far) when you take too much shrooms?


  2. try 100 millgram buss bar tranquilizer they will slowly put you down for a nap! if you want to go out try10 mg anitriptyline hcl and dont worry you wont feel the shrooms when you wake up!the next day!and amanita is right shroom are slow acting and time relested so there is know real way to stop them all to gather but cold water can slow the efects just a little get cold water real cold and drink it and wait till the shrooms strat to come back and drink some more ! till you feel safe this is only a way to slow them a little you should take time to know just how strong they are and only take a safe amount!good luck tazz11
  3. If your having problems controlling your shroom intake,,and you feel you have taken to much......send me the rest.

    To much have never heard of such a


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